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The Aluminum Asylum
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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Sunday...the day of rest....

My butt, rest. Retiree's don't rest...we just party on. Just kidding. We actually are taking it easy today...we had a wonderful dinner party at Bev's last night. Best steak we've had since arriving in Texas. I thought this was the king of beef country. Baloney...give me corn fed beef from Nebraska or Iowa any day.

Thursday night we did go to karaoke. It was this dj's last night. He is a very large man whose name is Freddie Goldberg. No kidding. His mother was Hawaiian and his dad Jewish. He has a wonderful voice and does a good job managing the karaoke part of the job also. Anyways, it was his last night at the Llano Grande. He dressed up in woman's clothes and was quite funny. I think Paul got some pix so I can post them later.

Friday Paulie went to his shuffleboard thing. We are planning to do grandpa's taxes today or later tonight. We went out for a while to just get out in the nice weather and got more familiar with some of the area. Paul invited Uncle Ben for lasagna and we had a nice dinner. He stayed until grandpa and I had just one too many glasses of wine and there went the taxes. Saturday Paulie got up early and went to a dummy rummy tourney. What dummy rummy is I have no clue. I did some laundry and wiped down the bathrooms. It was 97 degrees today. It set a new record. It was kinda hot, but for much of the day the winds were strong and it didn't feel that hot though. Paul vacuumed and swiftered the floors then ran to the grocery store to get the bread we are supposed to bring. After taking showers, we all got dressed and went off to our dinner party. Bev has a beautiful covered patio with trellis boards covered with white lights and lots of candles. The sun had gone down and there was a wonderful cool breeze. Dinner was lovely and the company enjoyable.

This afternoon Paulie and I went to the pool and spa and then came home and ordered a pizza which although not Chicago style in ANY way shape or form, was acceptable.

We are searching for something to watch on TV since the old farts don't want to watch the Oscars.

It was another beautiful day in the valley...and it seems that it will stay warm and sunny for a while...maybe a shower on Wed.

Not much else going here. Wish I had something more interesting to write.



Thursday, February 22, 2007

Good grief, its THURSDAY already!

My gosh, this retirement stuff is really exhausting! My butt is dragging. Running here there and nowhere, meetings, style shows, craft shows and classes, karaoke, a dip in the pool and then the hot tub...naps followed by happy hour, touring the park after dinner and being invited to have a "cocktail". I don't think I can keep this up much longer. Last night we had a three golf cart race but people started yelling so we just went to one of the occupants place and had after dinner drinks. Apple Pie Liqueur. Never heard of the stuff. Was like drinking a piece of apple pie for heavens sakes. Two and I was unable to get off the chair. It is made with 100% everclear I later find out. Jeez, that stuff'll kill your liver not to mention twice as many brains cells as a regular old Miller Lite! I've made Lemoncello now I can make Apple pie. Making my own hooch. Oh my gosh, how far I have fallen! Just kidding. I have one drink and because of the surgery, I am a cheap drunk. Like I wrote above, 2 drinks and I will fall out of the chair!

The Prince and I rearranged the furniture in our bedroom moving the bed to the opposite wall which gives us (sepecially me) more room to walk around the bed. The other night I got up to go to the bathroom and I lost my balance (so what else is new, its a given in the dark) and I fell backwards...well instead of the wall hitting my ass, it hit the window screen and I almost fell outta the house! I would have landed on the cement. No, that wouldn't do. So now we turned the bed and my side is by the door just a few feet from the bathroom. But the Prince does have more room to get around since the bed is on a longer wall. Such excitement. How will I ever go back to Rochester and our old life? Speaking of our old life.....

Grandpa is getting anxious for us to leave. That is really a problem....for HIM! Why should I go back home to ice and snow when its in the 80's and beautiful breezes make it seem like its 73 with the sun shining. Foolish man. We had planned to go to Perry GA for the FMCA rally on the 17th. Bah, its the same old same old at those conventions. I surely don't need to tour million dollar coaches and covet something I cannot have. I am perfectly satisfied with my Damon and with the changes we have made, it is perfect for us. We still need to decide what to do about a dinette but heck, the rig is perfectly fine for the Polish prince and myself. We have decided tho to leave that wicked cat Snickers here with grandpa. This way I won't have to worry about keeping a sheet on the couch to keep the hair off and then snatch it away when we show the house. Plus, it will help keep the floors a bit cleaner with no hair. Thank god that little fugly Pepi is staying here. He barks at EVERYTHING!
These old geezers don't like yappers. Perhaps they will vote Pepi off the island...well, one can hope anyways.

We have karoke this afternoon at Llano Grande Golf Club. They have great cheap food and beer is only five bucks a pitcher. Good for me, Paul and grandpa to have two beers which is our limit.

Will write more later.



Monday, February 19, 2007

The pictures I promised....

This is our kitchen sunflower light....grandpa loves it...sorry its such a bad shot, but I really don't think I could EVER get a GOOD shot, LOL'll have to turn your head on this one, I forgot to save it when I flipped it in the photo you think I look fat? Maybe its the hat and you can't see that I really do have hair, and of course those EARS....

The view from the end of the driveway...don't bitch at me, Paulie took this one.

The rig in front of the mobile...

Grandpa's new golf cart...the dog sits in his bed next to him and they spin around the park together...

grandpa doing what he does best...relaxing....

Monday....Presidents Day

Gee, when I first started to work at the Franklin way back way in the old days, we used to get today off, just like the state and federal workers. It lasted all of three years for me before they took that away along with the managers cocktail party and gifts (bonuses) for managers. My gosh what has happened to the world? Take away president's day and shrimp cocktail over a nice gin and tonic with a hot little check in one's hand and what have you got in this world? Jeesh.

We made the mistake of going to the Sam's Club in McAllen today. Every geezer in the Rio Grande Valley must have wanted to get out in the sun and hey for a buck fifty you can get lunch there! I have never seen as many people up from Mexico either...just can't believe they come here to shop...I don't think prices at Sam's are all that good. Must be the selection of goods or perhaps they split stuff up.

After Sam's we went to a western wear shop and Paulie found hisself a cowboy hat. He looks good in it but he wouldn't let me take a pix just yet. I have tried several times to get some pix up on the blog but the wifi has sucked lately and they don't load. I'll try again at the end of this message.

Paulie made good hamburgers for dinner. Sometimes he does surprise me. I was quite disappointed with mom today...I called her and asked her if she'd by me one stinking little thing...and she turned me down flat. Flat. I found a goldwing trike(three wheeled) motorcycle for a mere $15,000. Jeesh. I told her I'd let Cecil ride it with me. She still said no. What a poop...

Well, one of my favs is on Prison Break, so I need to say goodby for now.



Sunday, February 18, 2007


It is a beautiful day, the sun is shining and it's nice and warm, supposed to be up in the mid 70's. After grandpa got back from church, we read the paper for a while and then decided to drive to Misson to take the River cruise on the Rio Grande. We were amazed that the place was jammed and we had to wait almost an hour to get on the boat! It was a very pleasant trip. I didn't get many photos...there was very little to photograph...well, there were all the empty inner tubes the illegals use to cross the river littered on the US side of the bank. Hmmmm. We did see some locals on both sides picnicking and enjoying the nice day. It was a nice trip, but as I said earlier a bit boring. The captain was pretty funny...he asked grandpa if his first job was a busboy at the last supper. I gotta remember that one it almost made me wet my pants. After the cruise, we had a tenderloin sandwich and a pitcher of beer at the Riverside club and listened to a couple of wannabe country western singers. The tenderloin was one of those giant suckers that took up the whole plate. Paul and I split one and grandpa almost ate his whole sandwich. Back home, we watched the playoff at the Nissan golf thingy and Mickelson chocked again. Not much on TV tonight and we don't get HBO from this cheap cable company, we have missed the last two episodes of Rome. Crap.

I think the weather is gonna be good this week so I'd like to maybe try to use the pool. We'll see I guess.


dee day.

Paulie and I cleaned today and did laundry. I get the good jobs of cleaning the bathrooms and Paulie does the vacuuming. I can't vacuum because of my fibro so he gets the easy stuff. As soon as we started, grandpa put on his hat and left with the fat little dog in the golf cart. He must think the house fairies clean his toilet and wash and fold his tidy whities? Hmmm...some old fart is gonna have a rude awakening when the house fairies go home soon.

We were invited to go to the Elks club for dinner by Uncle Ben and Bev. The two ladies we bought the house from were there also. It was western Karaoke night. (Do all these geezers think they missed stardom somehow in their past and are making up for lost time? They even bring their OWN Cd's for gosh sakes. Dear God save me!)
We did have a nice time tho....after a couple of pitchers. I guess I gotta loosen up a bit. Everyone ordered shrimp but I got a steak. It was pretty good. Pitchers are only like 5 bucks so we tipped a few.

We stayed late (9p.m. is late here) and went home to watch some TV. Paul immediately fell asleep on the couch and I decided to finish the book I have been reading...its the second book or the sequel Clan of the Cave bear. Its called the Valley of horses and is very interesting. I don't think I'd like to have lived in prehistoric times. Of course, there are so few people to piss you off, but ya gotta keep an eye on those damm cave lions.



Friday, February 16, 2007

Friday Nite....

Well, The Prince and grandpa went to the geezer entertainment. Joe and Smoe or something like that. Most of the RGV entertainers go from park to park (RV and Mobile home parks) on a rotating basis. They are mostly retired musicians and church lady singers who do this simply because they still like to entertain. I do however, think some of these folks should quit the circuit...but smart assing aside, they do enjoy themselves and the geezers they entertain seem to enjoy them and their oldies. Just isn't my bag. I'd rather knit with my kitty in my lap! If I have to sing "God Bless America" one more time before a meeting or some type of entertainment begins I am gonna hurl. I don't dislike the song, don't get me wrong, but crap every time? A bit redundant I think. Kate Smith has nuthin' on me now.

Didn't do too much today other than a quick trip to Wally World. Of course I needed a set of ink cartridges for the printer which were out of stock. Figures. Paulie bought some office supplies. Kills me cause we have tons of this stuff back home. Oh well. We still haven't decided when or where we are going from here. Grandpa told me this morning he just loves his new place. I am glad. He went to play cards this morning. Then he drove to the grocery store or Wally's I'm not sure. Its good that he is feeling confident enough to drive locally. Its funny but I was just thinking he hasn't played possum since we moved in. Good. Gives him purposeful activities I guess.

Well, nothing exciting going on here in geezer village.

I am gonna look at the paper to see what's happening this weekend. I think there is something going on at the Texas Museum in Misson.



Thursday, February 15, 2007 favorite tv night...

Grandpa and Paulie went to Karaoke. I wasn't feeling too spiffy as I had a bad night spending most of it in the bathroom. 'Nough said in that department.
So, I have all evening with the big screen TV to myself. First, Ugly Betty. When I first heard the name of this show, I said, no way would I watch. Well, grandpa and I are hooked. It is really very funny and Betty is great. Then of course comes the Dr. McDreamy and Meredith saga, the Callie and George saga closely followed by the Christina and Burke story line. What else can be said about Greys Anatomy but one love saga, or sex saga after another. Oh, what great soap on nighttime TV! But my true fav show on Thursday is Men in Trees. I just love this show. I know, I am a pitiful soul who watches romance on TV. Boy am I pissed that Jack's ex girlfriend came back preggers with another man's baby and Jack takes her back, breaking Marin's heart. Pig. Men are pigs. Of course, so is Jack's girlfriend by the way. Only viewers will understand my pique'! I have heard an Internet rumor that Ann Heche and the actor who plays Jack are a real thing in real life...they left their spouses after the hot stuff on the set. OH, my. Well, it beats the crap outta this Anna Nicole bullshit. Like I CARE? When she was heavy, she said she wore a 12. My ass. I wear a 12 now and I don't look like she did for chrissakes! Ppfft!

I forgot to download photos today but will try tomorrow.

Not sure what is on the agenda tomorrow, but I gotta wash this grey outta my hair soon. It looks really freaky...I look like I am a poor imitation of Cruella Deville.



Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentine's Day....for those of us who are married to cheap polish penny pinchers, its just another day.

I cannot believe that I haven't written for over a week. On Thursday I think we started the taxes. That took all day even with turbo tax. Alas, the years where we make a killing on our refund are over...forever I think. Even with all the out of pocket medical expenses we have, insurance premiums and that bottomless money pit named Zachary, we had to really dig deep just so that we didn't have to pay for gosh sakes. I also did Zack's taxes. Gee, wonder how long he thinks I am gonna play CPA for him. I also did his frickn' FAFSA. I swear. I have masters level classes along with a double BA and ya think I can do an FAFSA? *Sigh*. Why in God's good name do they try to trick you with the wording of these questions....? How do poor undereducated folks do these things...Ya think they pay to have them done?
Then, since I had to do this online, I KNOW I SAVED THAT SUCKER...but when I went back to finish, the file was gone, nada, blinko, stupido nofindo. OK, I have been a computer user since Al Gore invented the Internet and I NEVER forget to back up. I've had files corrupt or cause fatal errors, but I have NEVER forgotten to back up. You learn that lesson once and ONLY once. OK. Do the thing all over again.
I surely hope this brat child understands what I do for him. A nice thank you email would make MY day, yet that has yet to happen. He doesn't read my blog so this subtle little message will fall on deaf ears.

Friday was a kinda nice day so we spent it lounging around in the sun. Nice. This is what I was expecting. We also had a nice weekend, with sun and it was really nice to sit in the sun and soak up the rays.

Monday was shopping for toilets day. The ones here in the unit are quite low. We decided we would get the ADA height ones, which are 16.5 vs. 14 inches. Of course they one had one, so we will have to go back. We also had grandpa's car serviced and then we met our SKP Chapter 46 for lunch at a place called Mr. Gatti's. Glorified Chuckee Cheese. Jeez, it was nasty. McDonalds mcribs would have been preferable at least in my opinion. And you all know how much I detest Micky D's.

Tuesday was the lost day for me. The incoming storm from the north that is handing the entire country a blizzard is affecting my ears. Jeez, this crap never ends. I slept most of the day. How can a human being sleep for all that time? I mean I am gone, zoned, snorking away for hours. All the at wakes me is low blood sugar and to pee. The low blood sugar is nasty. I just stagger into the kitchen and find either a packet of sugar to swallow, peanut butter or a candy bar. The best of course if the PNB however that also takes the longest to work. If I can stop the shakes I will check my blood sugar. Yesterday at 2 pm it was 42. Yep 42. 20 is DEAD for chrissakes. I better talk to the doc about this. I have seen glucose tablets at the drugstore, I prolly should get some of those for these types of drops.

Wednesday. I have a Red Hat luncheon to go to today. Walking tacos...a small bag of doritos is crunched in the bag, then the top is snipped off and then you go down the line of taco stuff to add to your doritos bags. Not bad really. You can eat out of the bag or dump it on your plate like a salad. We then had some real margaritas and ice cream for dessert. I got alot of compliments on my dress.

Earlier today before the lunch, I needed to get some pantie hose. I went to the H.E.B. (the ONLY grocery store in South Texas besides Walmart). At 8 am it was JUMPING. They had tables and tables of Valentine's candy, flowers and the most beautiful fresh strawberry cakes....all with incredible prices. I have never seen so many people buying so much crap in my life! The kid in front of me in line had a small glass vase of 6 roses and baby's breath, and like 10 balloons...he spent $65! I guess Tejanos really get into Valentine's day.

I guess central Illinois really got hit with the snow. Some neighbors called and said their daughter was stuck with over 16" of snow in the driveway. Gee, and I'm complaining about 65 degrees. Sheesh! I will shut up now.

We are looking to do grandpa's taxes tomorrow. Oh joy. I can hardly wait.

Well, not much else happening around here. There are a few festivals this weekend we may check out.

I'll try to post some pix when I get up and find the camera and download 'em.



Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Wednesday Hump Day

After getting up and dressed, I primp in the bathroom, have my protein, and then coffee. Grandpa had gone out to get the paper and of course, since we are now all addicted, several of those incredibly delicious Mexican sugar donuts. They are like nothing I've had...even not Krispy Kremes come close...even the fresh hot ones. They are very light, not too sweet and are like eating air puffs. Krispy Kremes are best eaten hot, these are good rock hard stale too. Crap. Another vice I will have to abstain from if I wanna continue to fit into my new 12 jeans. Finally got back into the goal jean size, and the devil throws me a curve ball.

We decided to go to McAllen to get the oil changed in grandpa's car. We get there and there is a couple hour wait. I had found two Asian markets in the phone book and Paulie had found an ad from a place called the Sun Market. All on 10th street. So we first stop at Staples and get the Turbo Tax we needed and found a map for McAllen. We've been here over a month and we still get screwed up in McAllen. The first market had gone out of biz and the second Asian market and the Sun Market were in the same strip mall. The Asian market had tons of stuff, but alas, not the copper wok strainer I have been searching for for weeks. Sun Market is an organic grocery store. All health food stuff but the most beautiful looking meat dept. They had fresh caught large shrimp for $5.99 per pound. And grapes for 99 cents a pound.
I also got some steel ground oats to make some "healthy" oatmeal. It cost 32 cents but the Polish Prince questioned me why I had to get it. Putz, putz, putz. We bought a few peppers and onions and then we went home. We will take grandpa's car in another day, and I will follow in the Vue. This way I can go where I want. I did see a restaurant supply place that may carry the wok strainer.

Grandpa has pretty much gotten his room done. I have never seen so many old clothes. I thought he had gotten rid of stuff. Most of this stuff won't fit him anymore...yanno those prostrate shots he gets is making his waistline grow. This from a man who can eat a pound of pasta at a sitting. Plus now Mexican donuts every morning. Too funny.

Today, grandpa came home and he took off his sandals and the socks he usually wears with the sandals (he fits right in here in geezerland believe me...). I now know what 90 year old toenails look like. I am going to try and convince him to WEAR the damm socks!!!! Eeeewwww.

OK, enough grossness.



Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Tuesday evening....

Grandpa and Paul just got back from Karaoke. I passed today, not that I didn't want to go, I was still having stomach ickies from last night. So...they left at three and I laid down and slept til almost 7. Geesh, I slept the bestest part of the day away. It was beautiful and sunny today. Grandpa got his pix taken for the directory and Pepe was in it. Paul and I passed on the photo. Grandpa is gonna live here year round not us. The pix is really kinda cute...stupid dog takes better pictures than I do.

We went to the dollar store and spent 48 bucks. Not bad for all the stuff I got...cleaners, storage bags, hand soap, dishwasher they had it I bought it. I even bought two new scrubbie puffs...the ones we were using are just a bit shabby and almost down to nothing. The rest of the stuff I will get at Wally World.
Hopefully I can go BY MYSELF and actually LOOK at stuff instead of grab and run. I also want to go to McAllen to get to Staples and buy the Turbo Tax software we need to start doing the taxes. I need to do the taxes so I can do Zack's FAFSA for financial aide. This may just be the year he becomes an independent.

Not much else going on here. Will post more pictures when we find the camera that we put someplace we would remember it.



Tuesday morning....

We went to Bev's, Uncle Ben's lady friend's house for the pasta party last night. The place was jammed and the company was very nice. Uncle Ben had made the sauce with Paul earlier in the day. It was too spicy for me...good but it made me sweat for chissakes. Getting a hot flash from eating pasta is NOT good IMNSHO. I had to go sit outside for a while to cool off. The party was a lot of fun, but around nine I started to have some stomach rumblings (perhaps my intestines were being eaten by the spice in the sauce?) Paul took me home and I spent the rest of the evening in the bathroom.

I must confess that yesterday's rant was not quite accurate. I DID do a themed kitchen on Walberta is done with fat chefs. You know, the fat french chefs and waiters serving wine and stuff? Well, fat chefs and pudgy waiters are infinitely better than the out of style and strickly tacky sunflowers. So there, my theme is at least "in".

We have an appointment at noon to have our pictures taken for the Rio Valley yearbook. They lose so many geezers every year that they have to keep track of who's still around come the next season....oh, that wasn't nice was it? Anyway, the residents bring their pets for the picture so I guess Pepi will be accompanying us. Wow, a professional portrait with a fat Chihuahua. I'll always treasure THAT moment.

Well, that's all about what's going on today. We are going to Karoke (again!) tonight well, let's say this afternoon...gotta get there early for a good seat. I will post more later.



Monday, February 05, 2007

Monday...the morning after the supertoilet bowl.

Oh my gawd. How embarassing. After the first 10 minutes I gave up and went to read a book. I am a jinx. I know this now. I swear off sports....again. No more Cubbies, no more Bears, no more Bulls, no more Fighting Illini, the Blackhawks have been out of my life since they changed from 6 teams to 6000 teams. I have embraced my late father's attitude..."who the **ck cares...I don't win any money, so why bother..." Zack was all bummed out too. Poor kid, thought he'd get to see what he missed when he was three months old...DA BEARS. Not that bunch of losers who couldn't tackle an old lady with a walker if she whupped 'em up side their dreadlocked heads. I am through I tell ya, I'm through!

OK now that's off my chest, what else happened yesterday? Oh, yeah, we have pretty much gotten grandpa settled in. I haven't been into his bedroom or bathroom, so I can't comment on any of that. He has more hemmorid cream than the staff of AARP. Plus stuff he hasn't used in thirty years. He said that he was gonna "clean house". OK, whatever. He has wash cloths older than Paul. Old Spice in a bottle that would prolly fetch thousands on ebay. Geesh.

He pretty much let me set up the kitchen. First thing I did was get rid of as much sunflower crap as possible. There are freakin' sunflowers everywhere...OMG...I feel like Dorothy in the poppy field. Only they don't make me sleepy they make my stomach TURN. No themed decor in my life I like to say. And I hate all the crap on the counters. Even the stupid canisters are sunflowers. Jeez, what was the problem here? They left tons of stuff...65 mugs, sunflower (what else) dishes, some as seen on TV appliances (we know all about them don't we?) and lots of old silverware. Sunflower towels, glasses, soup tureens and even a freakin' DANCING sunflower that changes colors! I am NOT making this up.

OK, that's the kitchen dilema. Now we move into the family room. Lions...tigers and more lions and tigers. Grandpa loves the decor. It makes my stomach twist in knots when I walk in. Furniture is fine. Every single knick knack including the freakin' giraffe and elephants are here. Right on top of the TV is a "majestic" lion in his prime looking at me when I sit down. Creepy and so stupidly fake. There are leapard prints, tiger prints and more tiger prints on the walls. And I saved the best for is a baby tiger rolling in a field of freakin' sunflowers! All I need is a bear rug and some tusks forming an archway and pretty soon the Polish Prince will start to look like Clark Gable. Oh, did I forget the TREES? I thought they were taking all their knicky knacky stuff. Great. Well, I won't be here forever so I can go sit in my motorhome to get some rest for my eyes. I can't stop my head from revolving around each room as I enter it.

The living room is so-so. There is a real motorhome couch in there, so you can imagine that it doesn't have bottom sides. There are two older recliners of mismatched colors and some sort of antique looking arm chair with a step stool in front of it. There is a LILAC tree in the corner. Dear god. Someone save me. There is however a beautiful handmade Pakistani rug in there. Muted colors and the artisian wove his name into it. OK the rug can stay. Well, before I belittle any more, I must admit I have to go thru all my accumulated stuff when we get back home. That should be an eye opener in itself.

Well, I have to go get the rest of my clothes outta the motorhome. *Sigh*.

We are invited to Uncle Ben's for "real pasta, not that crap outta a jar". Should be interesting. Everyone will be drunk on the wine before we even sit down.



Saturday, February 03, 2007

Saturday....Moving day.

Well, I can't believe that I haven't posted since TUESDAY. Yikes. Paul got back from Springfield yesterday at 5:30 am and he sat across the street in the High School Parking lot for four hours and slept. The gate was locked and when he woke up it was open at 9 am. Of course Mr. "I don't fib" fibbed and said he was staying overnight at Rainbow's End in Livingston at the care center. Can you believe grandpa and I didn't kill each other in those three days? We got along really well, of course we were both trying hard.

We will begin moving grandpa's stuff into the mobile today. We will move the motorhome in front of the unit as the park allows three days to pack and unpack. Unfortunately, the coach batteries are freaking dead. Dead as they get. Can't get the jacks up either since the batteries are deado. Grrrrr. Paul, the ever so calm experienced RV'er is so pissy...he just may not be suited to this life if he lets normal things that go wrong make him crazy. So we are trickle charging the batteries so they should be up and running when we are ready to vacate our little campsite. I won't miss the traffic as we are on the main entrance road. 15 MPH is the speed ass. I thought about complaining but didn't want to cause any problems with grandpa moving in here.

The weather is still gloomy. It is supposed to warm up and sun to shine next week. OK. Out of the 6 weeks we have been here we've had about 6 days of nice weather. Everyone says its El better be or I be heading back to Tampa. Of course, if we go to Florida, the hurricanes will come....we can't win.

Zack lost the winter hat I made for him so I decided to make him another with double stranded woolease as the pattern called for chunky worsted. I added a few stitches on to the pattern as his head is just a bit larger than most heads, and when I finished all I could do was laugh. This sucker will fit the incredible hulk. I can't wait for him to get it and try it on. He was in a lousy mood the other day so I called him to look for the hat in the mail and told him about how big it was. He needed the laugh I guess. The wind chill on campus is like 8 below. Shorts, Berkinstock sandal shoes and a wool hat. That's my son.

Well, I gotta help get ready to move the rig. Hopefully by the time we are ready and everything is stored away again, we can get it to start.

will update later I hope.