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The Aluminum Asylum
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Sunday, June 10, 2007


Sometimes when you wake up, you just know that it's not gonna be a good day.
I can usually tell just by barely cracking one eyeball and not seeing the sun. Ugh. Today, that was my first clue. Second clue was Paulies phone on the bedside table but no Paulie. Figured he's in the bathroom just outside. I stagger outta bed with the usual dizzies and smack into the wall. See the car is gone. Paulie left without his phone? Hmmmm. Great start.

He returns about 9 with breakfast from Hardees...ugh. I rather eat dirt. But since he went to the trouble, I will try to choke down the sausage thingy he so nicely brought me. It wasn't as bad as I remembered but the sausage was really spicy. What is the deal with all this spice in food? Are we turning into Latinos all of a sudden? Spice in itself is ok...too much kills the taste buds that live on my freakin' tongue. There seems to be an excess of spice everywhere, even the muffalatta sandwich I had yesterday, the olive spread was too spicey. I know what you are thinking..."...what a whimp...!" Go ahead, think it. See if I care.

After our repast of junk food breakfast, Paulie started to put up the shelves we had purchased yesterday. I love Paulie, truly I do, with all my heart. He is my true love, my soulmate. However many times I repeat this in my head it never seems to dispel the pissed off feeling I get when he attempts to do a simple easy and quick little home improvement project. I'm sorry, I can't help it, it just makes me crazy... a 'two minute drill hole, put in screw, attach shelf to wall' project takes him at least TWO hours. I get so stressed for him, I get dizzy I just have-ta barf. I am NOT kidding. Simple projects do not exisit for this poor man. And stupid me, I insist on buying things that need to be attached, put together or somehow put on a wall or some damm thing. When will I ever learn NOT to ask him to do something?

Well, the day just went downhill. The threat of rain was in the air all day which is such a joy for me. I did spend much of the day in bed. Zack stopped by before he went back to Edwardsville. This two week intensive class is kicking his butt. Like he knew it wouldn't? Kinda stupid for a smart kid I reckon.

We are just sitting in the Asylum trying to find something to watch until the last Soprano's episode airs at 8 p.m. The first Shrek is about all that is available. Crap. Watching a green ogre is not all that exciting.

Well, we have lots of banking stuff to do tomorrow. We will be closing one checking account and consolidating another to just one bank. I have my ssdi dircet deposited as does Paul his pension etc. We also have some withdrawals from the one we'll be closing so we have to take care of that. Then we need to hit the grocery store to buy the stuff for the omelets in a bag breakfast Wednesday and the stuffing and gravy I need to make for the pot luck on Wednesday evening. This will be the last time we host a rally for a while. We aren't going fancy, just plain and simple. Then its off to Chicago for a short family thing for Sami's graduation and then we head to summer paradise on the shores of Lake Michigan.

Will be able to post more here now that I can get on the stupid blog. There have to be more exciting adventures just around the next corner!