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The Aluminum Asylum
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Saturday, May 17, 2008

I promised some photos of Zack before and after surgery. I don't have one with the actual incision, but I am sure he will send me one soon...

Here is the boy, all smiley, waiting to go to surgery...

Here is the boy showing off his nifty little cyst. How could he have missed this? It has to be the size of a jumbo egg.

And here is the boy after surgery...the same look I got 18 years ago when he got his tonsils it is MY fault he is hurting. Like a knife to his mother's poor heart....

And, here is a picture of Paulie, going off to orientation at Celebration City. I don't think this gig is gonna last long...on his feet for 5 to 6 hours is just too much for the poor guy.



It's Saturday and Paulie and I are scheduled to work this afternoon. It was also our turn to clean the bathrooms. We can get all four done in 40 minutes...we are a great team. I am just waiting for a few more minutes then I will change clothes and head down to the office. I don't mind the can be fun and then again, there are a lot of goofs in this world. Yesterday, a man traveling with his 95 year old father (sound familiar?) wanted a better "spot" as the black tank wouldn't drain. Now for those of you who don't RV, you NEVER keep the black tank open when parked...the sewer smell will sneak up through the lines and make the whole place stinky. You decide when you need to dump the black, then make sure you close the grey water valve(where dishwater and shower water goes...ick to the black, not so ick to the grey). Then when you dump the black, you can then use the grey water to flush out the black tank. Simple. I am assuming this is simple...however I have never done the dumping before, so I may be talking gibberish. This guy needs RVing 101 school. Well, we all have to learn the hard way I guess.
I brought three packagaes of Jay's Kettle Chips back with me from Edwardsville. I was gonna stop and buy a lot more, but then, heck I don't need the damm things. Just an excuse to overeat something I shouldn't ever let near my lips. Gosh, they taste good after a year of not having them. Ah well, I'll just suffer. I am chowing down on them now...great lunch, kid.
It is a nice day here in Branson. The sun is shinning, no clouds, and the temps are in the 70's. The park is half full. Lots of cancellations lately. I guess gas prices are affecting the economy here. Too bad...I guess it is gonna get worse before it gets better...
Well, I hafta get ready to do my thing this afternoon.