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The Aluminum Asylum
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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Wow, another week has passed and I haven't been posting. Shame on me!

Right now we are at Gulf Waters RV resort in Port Aransas, Texas. We are here for a bit of a break and to get Paulie to his VA appointment of Tuesday. Of course, we are here just as Hurricane Gustav is roaring towards land...they just don't know where he's headed yet.

We did a quick tour of Rockport Texas today. Nice little town, not a whole lot to see or do.
We had dinner last night at a local hangout called Doc's. Paulie had fried shrimp and I had the seafood platter....crab cake (oh my! it was wonderful...) shrimp and talapia. I was in heaven...crab cakes are a real fav of mine. The shrimp were also delish, but I was stuffed and didn't get a chance to sample the talapia. Oh well...leftovers are good!

I will take some photos of the RV resorts and the landscape tomorrow. I was busy all evening getting my new article up at Bella. I had no problem's getting the thing uploaded with the correct html coding I have a problem with. Argh. It took me almost an hour to get a pix of the book I was reviewing up on the site! I've lost whatever memory of creating html for my other web sites long ago!

Well, off to's after midnight and I should'a turned into a pumpkin long ago!