The Aluminum Asylum

The Aluminum Asylum
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Saturday, January 23, 2010

OK. You have me, again. I have been very very lax about writing our blog. Of course, I really don't have anything to write about. The weather has sucked for the entire time we have been here. Finally, this week, it changed. Sunshine, blue skies and warmer temps. We hit 80 a couple of times too. I have been making some roman shades. Not going as planned, but then again, just call me Mrs. Griswald. Paul certainly is Clark Griswald...or like I have said before...he is a bull in china shop. Everything we touch, we screw up. Amazing but true. Example: I was trying to attach handles to our new two drawer flimsy metal file cabinet. The screws were so short, I could not grab them with my thumb and forefinger. I was so frustrated...I must have struggled with those little boogers for 20 minutes...even the magnetic head on the freakin' screw driver didn't help. My finger nails are not daggers, and I wasn't about to cut them to place 4 stupid screws. After about a half hour of cussing, I got two in. Then another waste of ten minutes and my cussing got grosser. Hey I never said I was a good girl yanno.

Since our stint here at Llano Grande RV resort we have accomplished a number of things...all with alot of cussing and sweat and almost tears. I no longer cry, I just throw something or hit something. Thusly, we have decided to change our name to the Griswalds. No more Meandering Ziajas; we are now the hapless Griswalds, and the blog will now be The Griswalds Great Adventures and will be about our long road trip in retirement. Hey, if you remember the wife's name, let me know, I am having a brain fart. We have installed the faux coppper backsplash in the kitchen; we have our L shaped dinette bench installed and stained and the topper table done for the rolling island is also stained and useable. I need to varnish the table top for protection. Hopefully, when I get up the blinds, I can clean up this mess and take some photos.

An update on the RV park Vs. The Ziaja's...they ignored the demand letter and the lawsuit has been filed. That's about it.

I have a new blog. There is a linky in the links box on the right side of the blog. Now if you don't want to read the musings of a 55+ aging hippie progressive liberal pro-choice Democrat, then I guess you should pass. Well it won't always be a political post, I will also have a chance to bitch...yanno, just random thoughts, what irks me, what I like, funny stuff and stuff that just stinks overall. My thoughts and opinions are only mine so it may not even interest anyone but me, LOL! And I promise I will state in the title if this is a political post.

We have about another week or so here, and we are then off to Florida, visiting our fav cajun places along the way.