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The Aluminum Asylum
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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentine's Day....for those of us who are married to cheap polish penny pinchers, its just another day.

I cannot believe that I haven't written for over a week. On Thursday I think we started the taxes. That took all day even with turbo tax. Alas, the years where we make a killing on our refund are over...forever I think. Even with all the out of pocket medical expenses we have, insurance premiums and that bottomless money pit named Zachary, we had to really dig deep just so that we didn't have to pay for gosh sakes. I also did Zack's taxes. Gee, wonder how long he thinks I am gonna play CPA for him. I also did his frickn' FAFSA. I swear. I have masters level classes along with a double BA and ya think I can do an FAFSA? *Sigh*. Why in God's good name do they try to trick you with the wording of these questions....? How do poor undereducated folks do these things...Ya think they pay to have them done?
Then, since I had to do this online, I KNOW I SAVED THAT SUCKER...but when I went back to finish, the file was gone, nada, blinko, stupido nofindo. OK, I have been a computer user since Al Gore invented the Internet and I NEVER forget to back up. I've had files corrupt or cause fatal errors, but I have NEVER forgotten to back up. You learn that lesson once and ONLY once. OK. Do the thing all over again.
I surely hope this brat child understands what I do for him. A nice thank you email would make MY day, yet that has yet to happen. He doesn't read my blog so this subtle little message will fall on deaf ears.

Friday was a kinda nice day so we spent it lounging around in the sun. Nice. This is what I was expecting. We also had a nice weekend, with sun and it was really nice to sit in the sun and soak up the rays.

Monday was shopping for toilets day. The ones here in the unit are quite low. We decided we would get the ADA height ones, which are 16.5 vs. 14 inches. Of course they one had one, so we will have to go back. We also had grandpa's car serviced and then we met our SKP Chapter 46 for lunch at a place called Mr. Gatti's. Glorified Chuckee Cheese. Jeez, it was nasty. McDonalds mcribs would have been preferable at least in my opinion. And you all know how much I detest Micky D's.

Tuesday was the lost day for me. The incoming storm from the north that is handing the entire country a blizzard is affecting my ears. Jeez, this crap never ends. I slept most of the day. How can a human being sleep for all that time? I mean I am gone, zoned, snorking away for hours. All the at wakes me is low blood sugar and to pee. The low blood sugar is nasty. I just stagger into the kitchen and find either a packet of sugar to swallow, peanut butter or a candy bar. The best of course if the PNB however that also takes the longest to work. If I can stop the shakes I will check my blood sugar. Yesterday at 2 pm it was 42. Yep 42. 20 is DEAD for chrissakes. I better talk to the doc about this. I have seen glucose tablets at the drugstore, I prolly should get some of those for these types of drops.

Wednesday. I have a Red Hat luncheon to go to today. Walking tacos...a small bag of doritos is crunched in the bag, then the top is snipped off and then you go down the line of taco stuff to add to your doritos bags. Not bad really. You can eat out of the bag or dump it on your plate like a salad. We then had some real margaritas and ice cream for dessert. I got alot of compliments on my dress.

Earlier today before the lunch, I needed to get some pantie hose. I went to the H.E.B. (the ONLY grocery store in South Texas besides Walmart). At 8 am it was JUMPING. They had tables and tables of Valentine's candy, flowers and the most beautiful fresh strawberry cakes....all with incredible prices. I have never seen so many people buying so much crap in my life! The kid in front of me in line had a small glass vase of 6 roses and baby's breath, and like 10 balloons...he spent $65! I guess Tejanos really get into Valentine's day.

I guess central Illinois really got hit with the snow. Some neighbors called and said their daughter was stuck with over 16" of snow in the driveway. Gee, and I'm complaining about 65 degrees. Sheesh! I will shut up now.

We are looking to do grandpa's taxes tomorrow. Oh joy. I can hardly wait.

Well, not much else happening around here. There are a few festivals this weekend we may check out.

I'll try to post some pix when I get up and find the camera and download 'em.