The Aluminum Asylum

The Aluminum Asylum
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Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Well, yesterday was a total bust, for me anyways. Paulie got a lot done, finishing setting up, cleaning the windshield of those sticky awful cicada creatures people call bugs. I was still in recovery mode from the last couple of weeks. I am so embarrassed by the amount of time I can sleep when I am not feeling well. Chronic fatigue/fibro is a real bitch.

We did go out to dinner at Russ’ which is a very nice coffee shop. We split a ruben and the slaw was excellent. I was still very much in some sort of stupor for the rest of the day. I couldn’t get access from the aircard at all, and that is really frustrating. Sometimes here at the campground I get an excellent signal and everything is fine, well, slow but fine. Then it’s ok with a good signal that then drops down to low. Then the computer locks up and I have to manually shut it down. That can’t be good for this laptop. Right now, while I am writing this, I have a low signal and cannot access anything.

We are trying to find out where Grandpa is…he called at 8 this morning (7 Texas time) and said his flight was delayed…no plane. Geez. He is supposed to fly into Atlanta then into Grand Rapids. Paul is on the phone with the airlines now…I guess it will just be a waiting game until we hear where the heck he is. It is an hour’s drive to Grand Rapids from here.

The weather is totally fantastic. Cool with the sun shining brightly. The campground is surprisingly empty. Everyone is speculating that high gas prices are keeping folks at home. Most of the campground is seasonal, i.e. permanent rigs that have been jazzed up with awnings, flowers, BBQs and decorations. The mom and kids come down early and Dad comes on the weekends is a common occurrence. Maybe it’s too costly for Mom to drive around here and Dad to make the trek every weekend.

Zack was delayed getting out of Chicago Monday night due to the big thunderboomers and rain. He finally landed sometime after midnight and drove back to Edwardsville. He had a presentation teaching assignment Tuesday evening at his class. Then I think he was working the rest of the week…he said the coffers are bare so he didn’t mind.

Not much else happening here. Until we hear from Grandpa and when he is arriving, we are kinda stuck here. We need to do laundry and shop for groceries.

I will post more when I am able.