The Aluminum Asylum

The Aluminum Asylum
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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

here are some photos Paulie took at the Roosevelt Park celebration on Saturday...he was "intrigued" by the guy dressed in the Hooter's outfit...I later saw him leave with another guy, kinda older...a bit lite in his loafers IMNSHO..... night....

Since we can't get the Cubbies on TV (gosh I hate corporate america)...OUR Cubs on freakin' cable which I have to pay huge bucks is crap.

So, Paulie and I are out on a date. We went to Taco Bell and split the number 6, two chaulpas, one taco, one drink...$4.89, companionship....priceless. We listened to the pregame on WGN.

After dining, we head to the washiteria. Two loads, $2.50, clean undies...priceless....

During the dry cycle we head to the back of the building and Paulie uses the $1.00 car wash....birdshit gone and watching Paulie get all wet...priceless...

That's it for to Elkhart Indiana tomorrow.