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The Aluminum Asylum
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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Wednesday Hump Day

After getting up and dressed, I primp in the bathroom, have my protein, and then coffee. Grandpa had gone out to get the paper and of course, since we are now all addicted, several of those incredibly delicious Mexican sugar donuts. They are like nothing I've had...even not Krispy Kremes come close...even the fresh hot ones. They are very light, not too sweet and are like eating air puffs. Krispy Kremes are best eaten hot, these are good rock hard stale too. Crap. Another vice I will have to abstain from if I wanna continue to fit into my new 12 jeans. Finally got back into the goal jean size, and the devil throws me a curve ball.

We decided to go to McAllen to get the oil changed in grandpa's car. We get there and there is a couple hour wait. I had found two Asian markets in the phone book and Paulie had found an ad from a place called the Sun Market. All on 10th street. So we first stop at Staples and get the Turbo Tax we needed and found a map for McAllen. We've been here over a month and we still get screwed up in McAllen. The first market had gone out of biz and the second Asian market and the Sun Market were in the same strip mall. The Asian market had tons of stuff, but alas, not the copper wok strainer I have been searching for for weeks. Sun Market is an organic grocery store. All health food stuff but the most beautiful looking meat dept. They had fresh caught large shrimp for $5.99 per pound. And grapes for 99 cents a pound.
I also got some steel ground oats to make some "healthy" oatmeal. It cost 32 cents but the Polish Prince questioned me why I had to get it. Putz, putz, putz. We bought a few peppers and onions and then we went home. We will take grandpa's car in another day, and I will follow in the Vue. This way I can go where I want. I did see a restaurant supply place that may carry the wok strainer.

Grandpa has pretty much gotten his room done. I have never seen so many old clothes. I thought he had gotten rid of stuff. Most of this stuff won't fit him anymore...yanno those prostrate shots he gets is making his waistline grow. This from a man who can eat a pound of pasta at a sitting. Plus now Mexican donuts every morning. Too funny.

Today, grandpa came home and he took off his sandals and the socks he usually wears with the sandals (he fits right in here in geezerland believe me...). I now know what 90 year old toenails look like. I am going to try and convince him to WEAR the damm socks!!!! Eeeewwww.

OK, enough grossness.