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The Aluminum Asylum
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Thursday, March 22, 2007


Well, I didn't get to post after we got home from Mexico. Darn wifi is so irritating sometimes. I suppose we are getting what we pay for...the wifi is free. We had a nice time in Progresso. They blocked off the main street and it was filled with craft (?) vendors and food vendors and all kinds of entertainment. There were tons of kids entertaining from singing folk songs and dancers to Tejano rappers and Menudo wannabes. There were a lot of beautiful senoritas representing various Mexican beer companies. Paulies eyes were bugging out as was his tongue. There were tons of bikers there with some really neat looking hogs and goldwings. The streets were jammed. We did take some pix on a disposable camera but they won't be ready until later in the week. I promise to scan and post them after the birthday party. We stopped at a bar and had a drink then tried to get to the Rose Garden. It was wall to wall people so we just continued on. We really didn't even stop to look at was pretty much the same old same old the vendors sell. Sunglasses, hand woven blankets and hammocks. There were a lot of fresh fruit vendors and the stuff looked so great. The smell of tacos was incredible. I just couldn't see me eating something from a street me what you will but I get sick looking at blood and gore on TV, can't imagine what my stomach would do with foreign food from a street vendor. We decided we were hungry so we did head over to the Arizona Resturant which we know is good. They were packed also...maybe its the two for one margaritas? Anyways, Paulie had chaulupas (absolutely no relation to the Taco Bell chaulupas....) I had the white fish with garlic butter lunch special.....OMG so freakin' good...and grandpa had tamales again. You know with real tamales, you actually EAT the corn husks. Not moi of course, but Paulie and gramps did. Just the thought turns me may be one of those things I will have to have a few more margaritas before I can try 'em.

We stopped and bought some more tequila...these have WORMS in them...the smaller bottles don't have 'em....well, I think they don't remember having seen them...cripes, I coulda swallowed the sucker and not known it! Ick. Ick. Ick.

Well, the weather is still holding perfect. The breeze keeps the dust blowing around, but that's typical I am told. I don't mind the wind unless it takes off my hat or visor. Yesterday I got a lot of grit in my eyes so it's Visene time

I have to find someone to run the video camera for the party. I have found a site like youtube to upload some of the better shots. We had to order a second cake as there are over a hundred in the park expected. We will go early to the friendship hall and set it up. We have balloons and streamers and a couple of signs, plus the 5 or 6 picture boards I have been working on. I was thinking of doing a full board devoted to pictures of Gene and Catherine with the know, Paulie's ex's and me...I would title it...the Ziaja Wives Club...whatcha think?