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The Aluminum Asylum
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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Mack attack...Puppy is home
Just a quick update and some not-so-good-pictures.
We have started calling him Mack...his full name is Machk which is Native American for "bear".

He doesn't look or act like a Bear...he is so adorable, but Mack fits him. He is startled by some noises...and others he sleeps right through.

I know he looks young, but is now 6 weeks old. As I think I mentioned in another post, the gal we brought him from did not get the puppies any shots, or have them start being wormed. When I called the vet, she asked how old he was and didn't remark on his age. He is so small yet, he doesn't even know when he piddles! I promise more pictures tomorrow and also a short was kinda hectic and scary for him.