The Aluminum Asylum

The Aluminum Asylum
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Monday, June 23, 2008

Well, I am back from the land of no computer access. It was the worstest 11 days I have spent since I quit smoking...

Zack sent me his laptop. Now I have to send him $600...he lusted after a MAC notebook and got his wish. He will use the money I send him for this one to pay the new one...he also got a great little perk...a Ipod worth about $300 which he intends to sell. He wanted me to buy it but I have absolutely no reason to get is a music and video player and a palm I need a palm keep track of what? My work hours. LOL! It is also a Gateway but is only a year old...heck mine is only 2.5 years old and the difference is amazing. This is a much larger screen, and it has a number pad that I didn't have on mine. Update on the old computer is that Best Buy sent it off to Gateway or a new optical (DVD/CD) rom drive. I told the Geek gal that I want a NEW drive...not the same one fixed. You can't fix what ails the darn thing! So it will be off in Gateway service for two to four weeks.

I guess I will write up the last 10 days or so on Word and then paste it here...have some photos you may enjoy.

Had a great weekend watching the Cubbies kick White Sox butt...I dare not call my sister Kathy...she will certainly have ugly words for us "stupid loser Cub fans". Well, we sure own the Sox!

Paul is working and is late getting off...he seems to be preoccupied with sweeping rocks off the pavement. We had one heck of a storm last night, with thunderboomers and then hail. Luckily our car is parked under a large tree...protected from much of the harsh weather, but certainly the favorite target of the birds and their lovely and copious droppings.

I will start work on my update later and will try to post later today. I am off until Wednesday, but have to "do" bathrooms on Wed. I will try to get Paulie to help me this week...have done them all by myself which is OK since I take a lot of breaks, but it takes me alone about an hour longer than if he and I do them together.