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The Aluminum Asylum
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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Sunday 7:10 pm....

Let me catch everyone up since I last posted. Everything with the surgery for Zack went extremely well. He was allowed 1 oz of water every 15 minutes. He indicated he had really bad dry mouth but Mom stuck to her guns and only let him have an ounce. He started to come out of the anesthesia around one. Told him he had to pee before they'd let him go....He wanted to go right then and there! We were out of the hospital and on our way to the campground at Clinton Lake by like 2. We stopped at Wally world to pick up some ice, drinking water and his Loritab.
He walked around the store just fine. Back at the rig, he talked to us for a while then decided he needed to sleep. He settled himself in the back bedroom and off to dreamland. It takes several days to get that anesthesia crap outta ya.

Friday night was uneventful and we all just watched TV for awhile.

Saturday morning we slept in then went into town. I promised Zack I'd buy us the Harry Potter book so we were back at Wally world...we also got some chewable vits for him. He must do one a day and also calcium. I have powered stuff I put in his protein shake. He seems to like the Choco Stack that I use...problem is you can't get it locally and I have to order both the protein and the calcium over the net. Poses a real problem now that I don't have an address. Geesh, how do homeless people get UPS deliveries?

Saturday was quiet for the rest of the day and evening. Zack can start full liquids Sunday so he will be a bit less ornery. Just kidding...he has done very well and has complained very little. The area where the port is has been giving him some aches but he should get better each day.

Sunday morning, Paulie and I got up and showered. Paul went into town for a newspaper and stuff for dinner. We haven't shopped in a while except for you know...junk. Zack is engrossed in the Harry Potter Book. I started it while he napped, but he is almost done already.

Paulie made chicken on the grill with baked potato and texas toast which I hate. The chicken was good...a mix of teriaki and BBQ sauce. Chef Paulie is sure the experimenter. I have at least the last two days convinced him to stand at the bbq and watch the stuff so it doesn't burn.

The boys are now playing rummy and as always, Paul is kicking Zack's butt. You'd think he stop being a masochist and not play with him anymore...I won't play cards or games for that very reason...I hate getting my ass kicked and the winner gloating.

We will prolly head for Springfield tomorrow. The Jr. Rodeo Championships are in town all week, but Richard from the Riverside campgrounds told Paul he had a spot for us. I have a doc appointment on Tues with the hip surgeon.

This is a really beautiful campground. Clinton Lake is large and has a huge marina...bigger than Lake Springpatch. I will try to get some shots before we leave tomorrow.

Sorry, still no pictures....I am lucky I can get a signal here anyways so I guess beggers can't be choosers.