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The Aluminum Asylum
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Friday, July 20, 2007


Paulie and I are sitting in Zack's room waiting for him to come out of recovery. Dr. Rohrschrib was here about 50 minutes ago telling us it was simple, no problem and an easy surgery. I am relieved and glad. He will be able to go home in about 4 hours or so...he must be able to drink water and must take a pee. I am sitting here in this humongous recliner...made for larger patients obviously. When Zack was laying still on the bed, the scale built in said he had already lost 26 lbs in his two weeks of liquid diet. Of course, he was starving himself the first week drinking only water and broth. I made him start protein and SF jello, and yogurt. He will do himself no good to go into starvation mode as his metabolism will just come to a screeching halt. Once this happens weight loss stops. I think he has done quite regular soda, no beer, no JD. He will have to be a very good boy from this point on or the surgery will do him no good at all. He still will have to stay under 1200 calories, 70 to 120 grams of protein and less than 60 carbs. South Beach diet in a nutshell if I recall that diet correctly. The good thing is that 1200 calories will satisfy him...his tummy will only be able to hold less than 1/2 cup for most of the time. He will feel a lot of restriction and when that restriction lessens, he will go have saline added to his band to tighten it up right away. He should do fine...I think he was eating well over 4 to 5 thousand calories per day prior to this.

Yesterday on Thursday, Paul and Zack went to meet the Cenois group for lunch and a tour of the auto plant in Bloomington. Paul was also wanting to attend the biz meeting. I was having a really terrible day and spent it in bed....rain was affecting my Meniere's and I was just in agony with my firbro. I slept all damm day. What a waste. Missed seeing everyone at the Cenois Rally and prolly missed a great Red Hat lunch! Darn. Hate it when I can't do what I want to do.

We are staying at the Clinton Lake Recreational Area. The campsites are wonderful. It should be filling up today for the weekend, but we will most likely just stay thru Sunday. If Zack is OK we will leave Saturday...I assume he is anxious to get home. I have a doc appointment in Springfield on Tuesday. I wan to do to the Museum and also see if I can get in to see Terri at Dr. Stegemens for a Valium refill this week also. I have been hitting the Valium kinda hard lately with all my ear problems. Even wearing my hearing aid hurts. I will also have to request copies of all our health records as we will have to change doc's when we officially make our residence in Texas. *Sigh*. I hope I find someone as good as Dr. S and his PA, Terri...I just love her to "interview" several docs down there...I need someone to support my current medication routine and support my disability stuff. I never had a care with Dr. S or Terri...hope I find a good one!

Last night while tooling around the park, Paul and Zack saw an albino fawn...of course they didn't have a camera. Someone gave them a great copy of it that they had taken earlier so I can scan it and perhaps post to the blog. I haven't been able to find a wifi connection so until I do, the blog will remain pictureless.

Well, they are about to bring Zack back from recovery so I am going to close. Will let you all know how he is doing as the day continues....