The Aluminum Asylum

The Aluminum Asylum
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Thursday, March 01, 2007

Thursday Television RERUN night...

You all know I wouldn't be writing anything on a Thursday night because its my TV night...but alas, February is sweeps month so I guess March's offerings are crap. I just HATE that. Repeats. Oh well, we sat outside instead...and the weather is beautiful.

We have hit the jackpot as far a weather goes. Averaging 85 and sunny. Perfect. This is what it is supposed to be here right? There are groves of fruit-laden trees being harvested. Some of the grapefruits and lemons are downright giants. I want a lemon tree and a red grapefruit for our place. The ladies tell me that one lemon from the tree(the biggies I guess) makes a lemon pie. Geesh!

Paulie and I went roaming today. We found the 6th Street Market and checked out the handcut meat...that's what we had at Bev's on Saturday. Then we hit Big Lots to buy a pair of outdoor rockers with a glass topped side table. These are supposed to be grandpa's birthday present. Of course, he says he doesn't like them. OK. I won't say anymore.

Then we went to Wally World, thinking to stock up on some stuff and get something for dinner and some meat. Well, we got the stuff on the list, but no meat! Well, there are some stuffed peppers in the freezer so grandpa can have some dinner. Paulie and I had a chalupa around 2 so we will most likely not be in a dinner mood.

On the way into the park, we stopped at Uncle Ben's and brought him the superglue he asked us get him...he cracked his upper plate and was going to fix them himself. OK, once you stop laughing...a lot of these geezers do their own dental work, I am not kidding. Grandpa uses his remmel tool to shave down his new choppers. Ewwww.

This weekend in McAllen is Boarder Fest...the theme this year is St. Patrick's Day. I am serious. TexMex and Irish. It is stranger than fiction around here.

I am in the middle of making a baby sweater. Mother and Cecils "friend" Joan, the nurse who lives in Long Island, is gonna be a grandma. Her daughter's first kid, a boy. So Mother asked me to knit the kid a sweater. OK, for Mother, I will do it. If it was up to me, I'd pass. This is the lawyer daughter who I think was an influence on Cecil in the past. 'Nough said in this forum.

Well, we were forced to move the motorhome from in front of the house. One of our "new" neighbors told management that he almost had an accident at the end of the street because he couldn't SEE around the blocked the corner view. Yeah. Right. OK. Old fart prolly blew thru the stop sign and almost nailed some geezer on a golf cart and needs to blame someone, so our poor old aluminum asylum on wheels gets the blame. There's always somebody who stirs up sh*t. One now lives about four houses from us. Sigh. I betcha Pepe is next. I told him that somebody was gonna vote him off the island if he didn't stop barking all the time. Little snot didn't believe me. So, I got a squirt bottle filled with water and each and every time he toots that little yip yip I squirt his ass. Works like a charm. He sees me reach for the bottle and he runs under my chair. Smarty pants.

OK, well, there really isn't too much going on around here. I seem to have a problem with my cell...certain calls come in tagged "International". God forbid I answer those calls as they must be bouncing off one of the Mexican towers. All I need is Paulie to get INTERNATIONAL charges on the bill and my butt is toast. So, if you call me and it goes to voice mail, that is usually what is happening...your call has somehow been routed thru Mexico and I won't answer. Paulie doesn't have that problem nor does grandpa. Figures it would be MY phone. But I will try to call you back.