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The Aluminum Asylum
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Friday, July 13, 2007

Ooopppsy....hit the publish before I got to post the the message below and then look a the pix.....



I am sitting in the Coffe Grounds Cafe in Grand Haven, using free wifi in order to post. My Cingular aircard doesn't work really well in the valley at Elks Park. I get very frustrated, but considering the circumstances I guess I should shut my trap.

We do have free wifi at the Elks Lodge which is just down the road. It is nice and quiet usually, and then I can drink beer and write...hmmmm, that could be a dangerous situation if I am not carefull!

Wed....we just kinda hung around and Paulie did some vaccuuming and swiffered the floor. Zack's plane doesn't come in til 8:20 p.m. We finally went to Wally world to kill some time in the evening then went to the Elks Lodge to work on some banking stuff. Of course, I somehow deleted all my favorites and bookmarks when I deleted all AT&T software. I had to do that because we couldn't get paulie into yahoo at all....I stopped in at the AT&T store and found out that in order to use AT&T hotspots like at mcdonalds, barnes and noble and ups stores I have tp pay an additional 20 bucks per month on top of the 60 we are paying for the air card. This poor man at the store got my wrath for about 20 minutes. The idiots in Springpatch who sold me this freaking air card said that I could access all Cingular, AT&T and SBC hot spots. LIARS~!

We picked up Zack and as we were waiting for his duffel bag, this very nice gal comes up to me and introduces herself, telling me what great kid he was and I should be proud of him...she said he reflected a good really showed. I just laughed and asked who had invaded my son's body! She was serious! I thanked her and she left to look for her luggage. I have some pictures I will post at the end so you can see how he looks...he is not gonna cut his hair until he loses x amount of weight (I don't know how much....) but he did shave that curly beard of his and now just has the goatee. Looks much better...his hair is so curly...and RED in the sunshine...

Thursday we went to the sand dunes at Silver lake. Rent a jeep and let Zack give us the ride of our lives. I have a sore ass, back is out of wack and have bruises on my knees. I sat in the front. Poor Paulie was in the back...he got quite the surprise when after one really fast jump the seat belt buckle jammed up his butt, but then I think he had the other one on and he just got knocked over to the other side of the back seat. Then on the next jump he was flipped so high his forehead hit the roll bar. It was kinda an empty thump which confirmed several of my suspicions....Poor guy...he took a beating back there. Better him than me. We were out there for about an hour. After the dunes we went and had some soup with Zack for a late lunch. He is on a liquid diet until his surgery next Friday. After this we went back to find the public beach at Crystal Lake. Not impressive to me at all. We then headed to White Pines Village, a reconstruction of an 1890's Michigan logging town. Neither of the boys wanted to go see it but I "persevered" and we went thru the town. Really neat and I think they did enjoy themselves. We got there at 4 and they closed at five so they didn't have to humor me too much. After leaving the village we checked out a few more campgrounds and county camping parks. One is right on the lake and stunning views can be had from the first row of campsites. Of course, its a no reservation, first come first served dealy so I guess you hafta sit and wait for someone to leave and then go throw your body on the sight to save it for yourself.

We took the scenic drive back thru Pentwater and had a nice drive. We stopped at Perkins for Zack to have more soup. Poor kid...I read his rules and apparently Mr. Know-it-all Jr. hasn't had much to eat this last week. I stuffed a protein down his throat. He needs 3 to 5 proteins a day. Dumbsh*t. So, I will take care of him. I will also order more for myself and for should be delivered when we take him home...or I can call Dawnie and have it delivered to her place.

Well, the guys are still out walking around and I need a coffee here are some pictures from yesterday.