The Aluminum Asylum

The Aluminum Asylum
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Thursday, May 24, 2007


Well, so much for spending the holiday weekend at Lake Sanchris...they are overflowing. People put small tents on sites to hold them...after paying of course. Hmmm, I suppose that's one way of reserving a spot over the holiday...paying for a full week for three or four days of camping. Not me. I am too cheap. Besides, it is supposed to rain all weekend so I would rather spend it in the driveway with my satellite TV and close to the Showplace 8 (so I can go see Johnny Depp) and near the grocery store in case I get a yearnin' for something. We would not be able to get satellite in all the trees, and I am not into watching raindrops. *sigh*. I did want to get away.

Well, we got rid of all but five tubs of stuff for the auction. Paul took the first seven or so of many bags of donation stuff to Hope Charities. I will begin working on my clothes sometime this weekend and just finish up all the little odds and ends. I am really tired of sorting and deciding...will be glad it will be over soon.

I had my last pt this morning and like a good little girl, I got my T shirt. All I could do today was heat...I am in the midst of a fibro flare and I could barely move much less get out of bed this morning. Gosh, this gets old... Before we went to PT, we dropped off the rig for the new tires...$2600 later we have all new wheelies.

Not much else going on...storms are rolling in with a cool front which is making my head throb. I just need to take it slow and easy this weekend...
Living in the driveway does have it's disadvantages...the Harley riding grandma next door and her two buxom grandaughters(read fat girls who wear clothes that are 4 sizes too small...) are out in the nice weather. They don't talk to each other, they frickin' scream. Gets OLD....last night I almost called the cops. They act as if there is no one else around and nobody hears their obnoxious screeches. Grrrr.