The Aluminum Asylum

The Aluminum Asylum
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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Well, it finally cooled off to normal for this time of year temps. 104 and sunshine is nice, but, it can be wilting to say the least. With the continuous breeze, even 104 can be tolerable, but being the wuss I am, I stay in the AC.

With the cooler temps, we were able to get into the rig to start cleaning and packing. Lots of stuff was taken out to the MH but it is sitting all over the place. I need to condition the maple cabinets and the island. I try to do that at least twice a year. Some of the cabinets have scratches and dings from various disasters over the year especially the large sink front. Hmmm. We talked about putting a backsplash around the stove(it's just wallpaper right now.) and are leaning towards stainless steel or tin...they have some great designs out right now, that can be used either as back splash or ceiling, similar to old ceiling tin. Maybe a sheet of the backsplash will be the answer to the sink cabinet door. Hmmm. Keep this to myself...Paul hates when I start "renovating". Putz.

I cleaned out the kitchen sink which got really disgusting over the winter. Ick. Why does dish soap ooz outta the pump bottle when left to it own devices for a couple of months? I keep forgetting to take it in and every year, dish soap has invaded the sink areas. It's like concrete in the heat, so I had to scrape it off the bottoms of both sink sides. Nasty. Then it was on to the fridge. We had put the innards of the fridge in the stupid I dumb...and two plastic shelfs got warped. Grrrr. I hate plastic. A replacement shelf that slides into the door is like $40. Maybe I will take a heat gun and try to soften them up and reshape them...or do without. $40....pfffft! I think I will be creative and find something to substitute.

I wiped down all the cabinets and woodwork in the living area and the bedroom. Bathroom gets tackled tomorrow. I can do about 10 minutes of work then have to sit down for ten minutes! Then I took the bedroom and dash curtains into the house and washed and dried them. I redid the hems on the bedroom sets as the hemming tape I used was not holding up. I redid the hemming tape and then hand hemmed all four curtains. I had to hunt all over the place to find a stupid needle and thread. Must still have my sewing box packed someplace. I am hurting right now tho...and I am sure I will feel this tomorrow.

I passed on going to the Elks tonight...didn't feel up to it. Paul and I accomplished quite a bit today. He washed all the inside windows and the window tracks...all the vents and the ac ducts. He can barely move his arms at this point. Aren't we a pair?

Well, I promise to take some pictures when we get finished so you can see all the modifications we have made.