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The Aluminum Asylum
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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Anyone who is not a liberal stop reading now....
The earth revolves around the sun.
The earth is billions, not thousands of years old.
Fox News is neither fair, nor balanced - nor news.
Evolution happened and is happening.
Torture does not work.
Bush did not keep us safe.
Markets do not regulate themselves.
Fascism is not the same as socialism.
The world was not with us with regards to the Iraq War.
Iraq never attacked us and was never a threat.
Trickle-down economics is extremely insulting on its face. More so if examined.
Obama is not a socialist, or a communist.
A weak public option for a fraction of the country does not spell doom.
Prayers in school did not avert any wrong doings. Nor are prayers prohibited now.
There is no correlation between religiosity and morality.
The world can be and is over-populated.
Supply-side economics makes no sense, period.
Lying to soldiers about why they are fighting is not equivalent to support.
Supporting any war for any reason is not equivalent to patriotism.
Tax cuts for the rich are not a fix-all. In fact they hurt after a certain point.
Gays are not asking for special rights. They are asking for human rights.
An economist from Exxon does not equal the entire peer reviewed data from the world’s climatologists.
We really don’t have the #1 healthcare system in the world, and pretending we do only hurts our chances of improvement.
The fact is, now there really is a Northwest Passage for the first time in human history.
Facts are facts and do not have an ideology. Pretending that an impassioned denial is equal to established facts is extremely harmful. And the number of people sharing your particular delusion is irrelevant to its status as a fact.

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