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Monday, September 24, 2007


I have uploaded more pix before we leave the free wifi this morning. I will try to write somemore on the way outta Door County as we are trying to break camp and get on our way.



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Friday, September 21, 2007

Well...I am finally able to post. My puter is all fouled up. I removed all the freeware crap, restored to an earlier date and now I discover that the cd/dvd drive, E is freakin' gone...once we get back to Weslaco I will take it into the geek squad at Best Buy.
I am so far behind in my blog I don't know if I will try to go back and report on what we have been doing. Right now we are in Sturgeon Bay, WI in Door County, exploring what is supposed to be one of the most highly rated vacation destinations in the US. Say what? My impression? Expensive, quaint, expensive, great food, expensive, beautiful homes and shorelines, expensive.

My impression of Mackinac Island? Expensive, smelled like horse shit the minute I got off the ferry(and never left...I still smell it in my sleep...)lovely to look at, expensive, quaint, expensive, good food, expensive, lots of horseshit all over, expensive.

Mackinac City was great, our campsite was right on the water.
Good food (pasties) good fudge, neat shops, great tourist places and nice folks.

Here is a new link for you to visit our photos....



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Monday, September 17, 2007


I have been without a computer for over a week now...I had a vendor at the Escapade do a "cleanup" for me to speed things up and see if there were any bugs...well, he downloaded some freeware and screwed everything up. I am still trying to undo the damage wrought and still can't get the sucker to run right.

We are in Mackinaw City, heading to the island today. I will try to get up and running again soon...

Weather is cool and beautiful...what a magnificent view out our front window of Lake Huron.



Thursday, September 13, 2007


Sorry folks...took the computer in for some service...took like three days instead of the one promised...can't fault the guy, he was bombarded. So...I am behind. Can't do too much tonight, we are boondocking at a county park at Gunn Lake in Somewhere Michigan...Shellbyville I think. We are only gonna be on generator power for a short time before we go to bed so I will have to catch up over the next several days. So sorry.

Be back on line soon....



Monday, September 10, 2007

Monday, Escapade Day One...

The mosquitoes have followed us from Elkhart, the suckers. I have been dousing myself with the deet poison crap and it's gettin' real old.

The first day of the classes and exhibits is always fun. I'm enrolled in a pine needle basket class, and I am quite excited about it. I have wanted to learn this craft forever. Well, the class was full and was being taught by a full timer Linda Payne...I have been reading the Payne's web page for years so I was thrilled to hear that she would be teaching this mini-basketry class. I arrive in plenty of time and visit with the other classmates. We are given our materials. Can you believe the basket bottom is made from a slice of black walnut....the real nut, so it has all these openings in which to attach the pine needles with the sinew(tougher than raffia that I had read earlier to use.) I think I am doing just fine, putting the edges of the pine needles along the edge of the walnut slice, weaving my stitches correctly and tightening the sinew. Along comes a helper and gives me some pointers. Another helper comes around and tells me that the other advice is not quite right and shows me something different. So, being the creative genius that I am NOT, I ask Linda to give me a hand. She takes one look at my walnut round, my stitches and the pathetic look of the very first round of the basket coil....she quickly grabs a new set of supplies and quickly whips one up for me to begin again without getting too far behind. By now it is 10 am, the class started at 8:30 and the entire class has learned how to change sinew when it runs out, do the second and third coils and begin to add more elaborate stitches and the basket is obviously "talking" to them...telling the creators just what the "spirit" of the basket wants the weaver to shape. Well, not being the spiritual type at this time of the morning, the basket spirit was not speaking coherently to me, but I sure was muttering to it. I was the only one in class who just didn't have the "spirit" to weave a basket...can ya believe that? Of course, I have been told never to try to do paper quilting by a very experienced quilter, and our guild's president, who just happens to be blind and teaches children to crochet has given up on me. How the hell did I ever learn how to knit or paint? Hmmm, I guess I must have my limitations. OK, so now Linda has become my basket weaving savior...I finally got the hang of it, but by now class was over for the morning. The others in the class had great looking baskets talking to them. I had a walnut slice with one measly coil. Crap. I will post pix tomorrow, I promise...I sneaked out the original so you can see how bad it really is...and the new one I am working on.

I went back to the rig for a break. Zack sent me some pictures that I will also post tomorrow...these are really scary...its when he had his hair spiked so he could go to a party as a pineapple. Is this the same Zack who is studying to teach the future of America? Yah, one and the same. Its scary.

After meeting me at the rig for a quick sandwich, I headed back to part two of my class. I actually was able to do one whole round or coil in an hour!!!
I left a bit early as my energy was all know what happens when I tax my brain too much and have brain drain aka brain fog. I went back to the rig and Paulie had skipped his afternoon seminar in order to deal with our rig insurance dilemma...expires on the 16th but we don't have an Illinois addy and the policy is for Illinois...we need Texas, but won't get down there to change stuff until the end of the month.

Well, I have been writing this for a while and my fingers are cramping...they were doing the same thing when I was trying to learn the basket stitching. I'm gonna sign off for now. I need to download some pictures from the digital and when I get ready to do that I'll pull out the walnut rounds and take pix of them too.



Sunday, September 09, 2007

Saturday, Goshen, IN

The bitch in the box aka the GPS did it again...Paulie put the fairgrounds addy in and we were off on a wild goose chase. One thing seems to reoccur...if you don't double check the state, it will automatically revert to the former state. Therefore, the bitch in the box took us to an addy in's that for stoopid?Gggrrrrr. Same addy for some freakin' town in Michigan. I am the one that keeps telling Paulie to TRUST the bitch...but then perhaps he didn't check the state when he put the addy in...that's stoopid too right?

We arrived and were promptly parked. I never cease to be amazed at how well these volunteers work together and how hard they work. We have 30 amp electric and water and are in the handicapped section...that makes it convenient for me and my scooter. I can't walk for very long so at events like this, I use that puppy...and feel little guilt altho at first I did.

We watched TV last night as the rains came thru again. Ugh. My head is filled to the brim and my ears are just screaming at me. Nothing on the boob tube....6 gazillion stations and nothing on that is of interest to us. We went to bed early...we want to go to Dunkn' donuts for a peanut donut fix and to get the local paper. The crafts sign up isn't until 9 and I am bound and determined to get into the pine needle basket class...

Sunday....Opening day
Paulie and I made our run to Dunkin' so we are now happy with our "fix". We headed to registration and had a heck of a time finding the crafts sign up. Finally we found it and I was able to sign up for the basket class, and another class that will make an angel. I was also able to sign up Molly Pinner whom I met at the Grad's pre-rally in Elkhart. We had met earlier this morning and I volunteered to sign her up.

The markets are open, the "Row" where all the chapter reps sit are filled and the rigs continue to roll in. This is a great facility
(the 4H Fairgrounds in Goshen, IN) for a gathering such as this...lots of indoor exhibits and merchants, plus plenty of space for new rigs to be viewed and lusted after, lol! I made an appointment to have my laptop "cleaned up"...I was going to go to Best Buy but I hate the way they pressure you to buy software that I already have as freeware. I really need this baby sped up a bit. I was looking at cell phone signal amplifiers...geesh...I don't wanna spend $300 to boost my cell signal, but when we are off the interstate or in a rural area, I can't use the 'puter or the phone. Hmmm, this may be a hard sell to the polish prince. I also want some software that is $35 that tracks RV expenses, maintenance and all kinds of records and info about the coach. Then, of course, I gotta have a T shirt with the Goshen Escapee
logo on it. Hmmm. We keep this up and we won't be able to afford to full time!

Well, opening ceremonies are I think at 2:30 so I need to rest a bit or I won't make it all the way thru the entertainment that lasts til like 10 pm. I gotta take a couple of Valium then I won't CARE if my head and ears still hurt, LOL!

I will report later on the opening ceremonies and the entertainment, it's called Pantasia and they are a HS band from Ohio that are supposed to be fabulous...



Saturday, September 08, 2007

Friday, Elkhart Campground

Well, the heaven's opened up this morning and didn't quit until 4 pm. There were three different "fronts" that came thru just to make my life miserable. You all know what I did most of the day.
Paulie got ready for departure and put away all the outside stuff. The bugs were so bad it was a waste to put it out. Then the guy did the laundry...what else could a gal ask for?

We had purchased some pulled pork at the farmers market and some small buns for the Friday night potluck. I nicely sliced the rolls and put them in a pretty basket, warmed the meat just perfect and off we went. There was no one at the site. Hmmmm. We drove around thinking because of the rain they had moved dinner to an inside place in the campground, but we were unable to find them. Perhaps they didn't want us? We was ditched? Paul called Smokey, one of the hosts and he was really embarrassed...the dinner was cancelled, but they must have left us off the call list. Ooops. Maybe next time WE should call ahead to see if the dinner is still on...I wondered because of all the rain. What dummies we are sometimes geesh. Well, the pork won't go to is delish and the sauce is sweet but has a real kick to it. I love BBQ pork!

We finally did venture out just to take a little ride...we went to Culvers so Dee could feed her ice cream craving and have some more adversity via her lactose intolerance in the gastrointestinal area. Lactaid doesn't work, so you'd think I would stop craving ice cream. Oh yah. That'll happen anytime soon. Paulie is just gonna have to get a gas mask, that's all there is to it.

We both went to bed early as there was nothing on the boob tube. I read for a bit but quickly decided the book was not something I could get into right is called "Mirror Mirror" by the same guy who wrote "Wicked". You have to have your brain ready for his writing and mine was just not capable after the day I had.

Saturday....heading for Goshen

We will be pulling out this morning (as soon as the prince gets up...he can sleep as long as he wants since he did all the work yesterday...). We are going in a day early as we have handicapped parking with water and 30 amp electric. We will have to dump the tanks first but we have a full hookup here so that is not a problem. I will try to post more when we get all settled. I hope to have a signal, but I'm not holding my breath.
If I can't get on line, I will try to get the word out here if I have to go into town and use a free wifi place. Wish me luck in Goshen, IN...I do recall a coffee house had it the last time we were there. Hopefully they are still in biz.



Thursday, September 06, 2007

Another quick catch up!


We are expecting Hank and Elizabeth later today...I doubt they want to "do" dinner if they have been driving all day. I know I would just hit the bed and stay there!

Paul went with the Grads group to visit Travel Supreme, however somehow in the car "pool" to get there, he lost the wagon train. Neither he nor the couple he was traveling with remembered the name of the place they were going, nor did they have a clue where the place was! they came back to the campground. Later, we dined out with the group. Paul took a bit of teasing for getting lost, which I think even he had to admit was justified. We went to a local place which is right on the small lake near the campground. Our reservations were supposed to be for the "enclosed porch", instead we were seated on the "sun deck". Right, 90 degree heat and I am gonna sit there. I think not. As soon as a few tables opened up, several couples including us went onto the porch. We had the special $2 1/2 pound hamburger and beer. Very tasty. After dinner, we stopped by to see Hank and Elizabeth for a few minutes. The rest of the grads tried to sit outside but the skeeters were again so horrible they chased everyone in. NOTHING kills these suckers. You can douse yourself with poison and they'd still bite ya. Just awful.


Paul needed to take care of some biz this of the rear tires may be leaking. Crap. Plus we need an oil change. I

Paul did errands and then came back and helped me do some housekeeping stuff. Then, he and Hank went to some RV parts supply place and I went over to their rig to visit with Elizabeth for awhile. We had a nice visit and I was showing her my latest (actually the only thing I have even thought about knitting) a pair of socks. We decide to go to Callahans for dinner...the family type place that was advertising stuffed green peppers for the dinner special.

I left about three and laid down for a while...the new alternative down comforter is sooooo cozy.

About 5 we pick up the Kerr's and head over to the restaurant. Elizabeth and I get the special, Paul orders the senior chicken parmigiana and Hank orders one of his favorites (and mine too) a Ruben sandwich. The size of the portions are enormous...Paul must have had two pounds of spaghetti under this large dinner plate size chicken tenderloin. Hank's sandwich was so big it would have feed four. Elizabeth and I got two beautifully stuffed peppers with tomato gravy....yum. Then, we both had rice pudding...she shared her's with Hank, I ate my whole serving!

We went back to their rig and talked for a while, deciding where we would meet up in Michigan. We found out that one of their daughters needs surgery and it is scheduled for Sept. 24th. That will mean a fairly good pace for our trip. There isn't a lot to "see" in the UP except the scenery so that is just gonna be a kinda pass thru I think. We are most interested in Mackinaw and Door County Wisconsin. After we bid goodbye (the Kerr's are leaving for Grand Rapids in the am) we head back to the rig to change clothes. The Grad group is braving the skeeters so we headed over to join them. Some new arrivals have been introduced and one couple was heading out that night. They had met for a hobo supper while we had already made dinner plans with the Kerrs. We have yet to go over to the Elks rally...not really planned to do that but are having so much fun with the grads group. Next time I'll have to decide just who I wanna pre-rally with without spending money to no avail!


We went with the grad group to visit the Ruthmere Mansion. This was built by Albert and Elizabeth Beardsley. He was one of the founders of Miles Labs, aka the Alka Seltzer empire. It is now owned by Bayer. The place was built in 1908 and is amazing. The Beardsley's had some ideas that have lasted to this day. Albert had a total shower surround like the rain forest types we see today. Quite impressive. The mansion has been restored by the Beardsley family and it is stunning. There are two original Rodan statues, and several other well know artist's works in the house of whom for the life of me I can't remember their names.
We really enjoyed the tour. The group split up after the tour...some going to the Farmers Market, others back to the campground and some like us needed to run errands.

The rain came after we got home from WalMart, so I did my usual ear pain and dizziness tricks and then laid down. That's it for now...not sure what the evening will bring. I am stick of smelling like deet poison so I am not looking forward to venturing outside after the rains.

Will post more later...



Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Elkhart Campground
Day 2

Sunday...After lounging around most of the morning, we decided to take a ride to find the WalMart. It was about 2 miles from the campground, well, duh...the GPS would not accept the addy so we were a bit perplexed until we figured out how to put county road in the stupid thing. After finding it, we decided to take ride in the countryside, got lost and finally found a fruit stand where the guy told us we were going in circles (no sh*t) and directed us back to Hwy 19. We stopped at a former A&W root beer now a local homemade root beer drive in and had a frosty mug....oh so good. Paul had a RB float...ick. I eat my ice cream separate...then drink the root beer by itself. Civilized yanno. This was about 4 so there we go again, screwing up dinner. We just cannot get this right yet.

We stayed in Sunday night and watched the boob tube... 3..
Memorial Day. Again we slept in, showered and then we were off to the Shipshewana Flea Market. OMG...the crowds were unbelievable. The place is the largest flea market in the world. I have never seen such a jammed up place full of useless stuff. But...I did buy Zack and me a sweatshirt, and we got a deal on a new swim suit for Zack...he has lost over 50 lbs by now and his suit is falling off when he does laps. We stopped and had a pulled pork sandwich about three. There goes dinner...again. We got back to the rig and both kinda just napped...well I know I did, don't know what the Prince did. About 7 we walked over to the Class Reunion gathering at site 400. Had a great time talking, laughing and getting to know new folks. The mosquitoes were horrendous and a couple of folks just gave up and went home...even Deep Woods stuff doesn't faze these bloodsuckers. We stayed til about 10 and then headed home. We are looking forward to seeing Hank and Elizabeth tomorrow. They will be here a couple of days and then they are off to Michigan where we will meet up with them up near Mackinaw Island around the 15th. Not sure what is on the agenda for tomorrow. I think Paul and Hank are going to go to a RV surplus place when he and Elizabeth get back from touring the RV Museum. Elizabeth and I will prolly just sit and visit tomorrow afternoon and maybe do some knitting.



Saturday, September 01, 2007

Elkhart Campground...Elkhart, IN
Day 2

We both slept in today...around noon, we headed out to find the local used bookstore to hung down some of my ancient peoples novels...the gps (or the guy who selected the wrong address... I had just put the correct address in, and the "user" punched in the wrong one). This did however, allow us a complete tour of all parts of Elkhart...the good, the bad and certainly the poor ugly.
We finally found the place, but alas, no novels by W.M. Gear. Crap. I hate to think I'll have to pay FULL price for the rest of the series...4 or 5 books I think. I did check on but by the time I pay the price of the book and add the shipping charges, I could buy them at Barnes or someplace else. I think Barnes carries them all, so I will just bite the bullet and get the rest of them.

After the bust at the bookstore, we headed towards the RV Hall of Fame. Ok, you can stop laughing now you non-rv'ers. There IS such a place and although it is not yet completed, what we saw was an interesting history of the RV industry. Way back in the '20's they had some really neat RV's. I took a ton of pictures which I have yet to download. I can use the free wifi here to upload them...maybe tomorrow.

After browsing for awhile looking a the few exhibits available, we headed back to the rig. Siesta time for me, relax time for Paulie.
We made fried shrimp and french fries for dinner. They were pretty good. The mosquitoes were awful so after we finished eating we hightailed it into the rig. I hate those damm bloodsuckers. I am their favorite target. Once in the rig I got three more on the darn head, one on the cheek if you can believe I didn't catch THAT one and I did kill the sucker on my left forearm.

I think Sunday will be just a laze around day...or maybe not...we think we will go to Shipshewana on Monday...they are open for the holiday. The square and round dancers were at it again tonight, actually they started at 11 a.m. Gee, such stamina!

Well, that's all for today...I can't believe it is the first of September. Paulie has been doing some reading on the rising costs of Texas residency. Plus there is the yearly vehicle inspection and fees. Several folks we know from SKPs are changing domicile to South Dakota. Another dilemma. Geesh, this could pose a challenge. I don't give a whit where we register the vehicles and have our driver's licenses. We do have to think about Zack...his car is really MY car...his vehicle was the truck we sold last year. So, he will have to have SD plates and registration and just keep his Illinois stuff. I wonder how we will be able to do this? Hmmm, I have lots of questions to ask at the seminars next week.

Well, off to bed...