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Sunday, September 09, 2007

Saturday, Goshen, IN

The bitch in the box aka the GPS did it again...Paulie put the fairgrounds addy in and we were off on a wild goose chase. One thing seems to reoccur...if you don't double check the state, it will automatically revert to the former state. Therefore, the bitch in the box took us to an addy in's that for stoopid?Gggrrrrr. Same addy for some freakin' town in Michigan. I am the one that keeps telling Paulie to TRUST the bitch...but then perhaps he didn't check the state when he put the addy in...that's stoopid too right?

We arrived and were promptly parked. I never cease to be amazed at how well these volunteers work together and how hard they work. We have 30 amp electric and water and are in the handicapped section...that makes it convenient for me and my scooter. I can't walk for very long so at events like this, I use that puppy...and feel little guilt altho at first I did.

We watched TV last night as the rains came thru again. Ugh. My head is filled to the brim and my ears are just screaming at me. Nothing on the boob tube....6 gazillion stations and nothing on that is of interest to us. We went to bed early...we want to go to Dunkn' donuts for a peanut donut fix and to get the local paper. The crafts sign up isn't until 9 and I am bound and determined to get into the pine needle basket class...

Sunday....Opening day
Paulie and I made our run to Dunkin' so we are now happy with our "fix". We headed to registration and had a heck of a time finding the crafts sign up. Finally we found it and I was able to sign up for the basket class, and another class that will make an angel. I was also able to sign up Molly Pinner whom I met at the Grad's pre-rally in Elkhart. We had met earlier this morning and I volunteered to sign her up.

The markets are open, the "Row" where all the chapter reps sit are filled and the rigs continue to roll in. This is a great facility
(the 4H Fairgrounds in Goshen, IN) for a gathering such as this...lots of indoor exhibits and merchants, plus plenty of space for new rigs to be viewed and lusted after, lol! I made an appointment to have my laptop "cleaned up"...I was going to go to Best Buy but I hate the way they pressure you to buy software that I already have as freeware. I really need this baby sped up a bit. I was looking at cell phone signal amplifiers...geesh...I don't wanna spend $300 to boost my cell signal, but when we are off the interstate or in a rural area, I can't use the 'puter or the phone. Hmmm, this may be a hard sell to the polish prince. I also want some software that is $35 that tracks RV expenses, maintenance and all kinds of records and info about the coach. Then, of course, I gotta have a T shirt with the Goshen Escapee
logo on it. Hmmm. We keep this up and we won't be able to afford to full time!

Well, opening ceremonies are I think at 2:30 so I need to rest a bit or I won't make it all the way thru the entertainment that lasts til like 10 pm. I gotta take a couple of Valium then I won't CARE if my head and ears still hurt, LOL!

I will report later on the opening ceremonies and the entertainment, it's called Pantasia and they are a HS band from Ohio that are supposed to be fabulous...



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