The Aluminum Asylum

The Aluminum Asylum
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Tuesday, March 27, 2007


It is a perfect perfect day today. Sunshine, warm and breezy. We had a fleeting thought of going to South Padre, but neither grandpa or I really felt up to it. It's a good thing, we both had stomach problems later in the day. We did spend time at the pool and did a lot of other residents. The water seemed nice and cool rather than the heated temps the pool has previously had. I like warm water but not bathtub warm. The folks here, at least the snowbirds are now heading north in droves. I think by next Monday when we hit the road, most of the seasonals will be gone. I think the ones who live here are glad that things are calming down a bit. When the park is full like it has been, there is a lot to do and I think they are already looking forward to the time when things quiet down a bit. They also will have all the facilities to themselves which I think they all enjoy. The pool is adequate but crowded on sunny warm days.

Grandpa spent most of the rest of the day on the couch...he had stomach woes. Me too, but we didn't eat anything similar today. I was lounging in the pool with my noodle when I cramped up...almost didn't make it to the ladies room for heaven's sake! I don't think I've walked that fast since my hip surgery or knee surgeries! Some lady walked in and I could hear her sharp intake of she didn't know what to think! She did her bizness in record time and was out the door lickety split!

I talked to Aunt Karen last night and let her know we would be heading up towards Amarillo next week. She is looking forward to seeing us...I missed seeing her when she visited Aunt Jane in the Chicago area last summer due to my additional hip surgery. I am looking forward to seeing her too...I haven't been to Borger for years and years. We will also stop in Lebannon to see Aunt Avril...told her not to expect Thanksgiving dinner this trip, but we would love to take her out to her favorite restaurant when we get there.

I guess we will fire up the rig and pull back into the driveway on Friday. We only have clothes, food and meds to pack. We are leaving grandpa and all his stuff here. He is just a BIT anxious for us to take off. I told him he'll miss us...he disagrees. I am not looking forward to all the work we have facing us. We need to defumigate and paint Zack's room, and paint the office/bedroom. We will be selling most of the furniture and will be doing that while we do our fixups. I think we will have to replace the counters in the kitchen and do some painting in there also. I have an idea to add some moulding to the flat cabinet doors, repaint and then put on new hardware. If we can do so, we will try to keep costs down. Also the more stuff we get rid of the bigger the place looks. Anyone want to by a 52" HDTV? We'll sell it cheap, promise! Zack I think has his eye on this but hmmmm...he has already claimed grandpa's leather sofa and chair and the dinette(thank goodness I hate it). We have even thought about living in the motorhome in one of the local campgrounds and not having to clean house each time we show would be easier to DUST the sink than clean it after using it all the time right? This would really be good as we will see what we really will use in the rig while out on the road. Its been almost 6 months and there is nothing at home that I have found I can live without in the rig. The house in Weslaco is a different story...thinking here Christmas decorations and grandma's silverware, videos and photos and personal items and mementos. Those things will be stored or displayed in the Texas house. We may need to rent a storage unit for a while but I guess it will be helpful to store the things we will be taking in the fall. I sure hope we can sell quickly.Everyone keep your fingers and toes crossed OK?