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The Aluminum Asylum
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Saturday, December 01, 2007


Another day lost to the curse of Fibro and Meniere's. I did get the fruit cut up and soaking in brandy for the fruitcakes. I also made a banana bread. By then I was totally useless. The tree is still nekked except for the lights, and to be honest, the look is growing on me, LOL! Hey, I have three weeks to get this decorated right? I also set up the village under the tree, but it really doesn't look good down there. The tree skirt won't let anything stand up strait and that damm fattie Pepi decided he liked the warmth under the tree from the lights and knocked it all down so he could warm himself under the tree. Little p*sser. I will have Paulie move it out from under the tree...I had a bit of a problem getting my arse off the floor between the knees, hips and achy old body, I had to slide on my butt over to the couch and use it to get myself up. Too bad there wasn't a hidden camera, I'd have been the newest hit on You Tube.

I purchased a new photo scanner from Ebay. I bid 47 bucks and won...others older went for 75 to 100 bucks. Think I did ok. It is an Epson and it is designed to do only photos, negatives and slides. You can do four photos at a time and each one will scan as a single jpg. Unlike my visioneer, all photos were lumped into one image and then you had to crop out stuff to make four separate pix. There is an automatic feed for prints available for this, but it is about $150. I could load it with 24 photos and they will automatically feed and scan. I have soooooo many photos, and I have purged them several times. All I want to do is scan the photos onto cd's to make sure we save all of our memories.

The VHS to DVD project is going well...once we learned the correct DVD's to use.
Now all I have to do is find a software program to edit these...I can add music and still pictures and put in titles and stuff. Something to do on those long January nights when TV is so boring.

Paul stood in line for three hours on Wed in order to get tickets the the Weslaco Panthers playoff game. The have won the last two games and are now set to take on San Antonio's champion for some championship. There are several guys here in the park that go to all the games just because they like football. There is a running back on the Panther's that is a phenom...runs like 500 yards per game. He is only 5'7" so I am not sure any big name Texas Univ will take a chance on him, but he is sure to get a full ride scholarship to a smaller Div II school I am sure. This town is absolutely nuts over this game. Signs and posters everywhere. The pep rally last night drew huge crowds and there is a huge tailgate party planned this afternoon...tailgate parties are a bit different here...nachos, tacos, barbarcoa and other TexMex delights will be on the menu. I see how some of the locals eat their nachos....they positively LOAD the entire plateful with jalapeno peppers...just looking at it makes my eyes water and my throat begin burning, LOL!

Well, I guess I better get off my tush and do something around here...I should get all the pictures in one place and set up a work station to begig the scanning process. I will let you all know what happens. You all know how mechanically inclined I really am...