The Aluminum Asylum

The Aluminum Asylum
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Friday, June 27, 2008

Sorry for the two day lapse. Not only having wifi problems here at the park, but there is a huge low pressure front coming in, followed by a cooling front, and I was down for the count yesterday. This one must be a whopper. Plus, the chronic fatigue and fibro started kicking in and I was totally worthless.

The photos on the camera were terrible...the ones I took of building the steering wheel cover and my next cooking lesson(for when I jump into my own website) were fine. But...! Paul took mostly videos at the RV Dreams Rally and the sound is awful. Using the video feature on the camera does not take good videos. The digital camcorder on the other hand, does a fantastic job. Can we see the irony of this situation. The Prince was simply asked to take PHOTOS. Digital photos. Period. I wind up with a few lousy shots and all kinds of lousy video. Sigh. Dear cameras do great photos...not so great videos...ok in a pinch. Digital camcorder is meant for videos...good quality videos with good sound amoung other things. Understand? OK, let's move on....

I have a new poll for everyone. I need help for naming my new web page. I will put up the poll over the weekend.

Low key day today...the Prince is working til noon and then we may go to a show. I promised in a weak moment of course, that I would do the general rig cleaning and the Prince would vacuum and mop. Thank goodness this place is small...!