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Friday, October 31, 2008

Cake, Cake and ick, more CAKE!

Well, I have graduated from Course I of the Wilton Cake decorating Universe...I say this because Wilton is the only name out there, they have NO competition per se, and their prices are really really ridiculously expensive...but they own the market.
Here is last week's cake... the class was doing those freaking clown figures...they really gross me out so I just practiced the flowers and shell borders. This is all you get to see...

I bought the pastel colors before class so I could experiment. I don't like the bright colors, they are really tacky. (OMG, you should have seen the clowns my classmates made...I shoulda brought the camera...good thing I don't have a clown phobia anymore, I would have had some kinda nightmares after seeing what I saw!) The pix don't do it justice...and of course, I took the side of the cake I started on...the flowers got better on the other side after I got the hang of it...

This week was as I said, graduation. Plus, we learned flowers. Roses. Yep. I suck at roses. You will be able to see it in the pictures below. The girls who produced those fugly clowns in bizzare colorscapes made beautiful vivid purple, navy (yes navy!) blue and RED...blood red. They were gaudy, but they were ROSES...unlike moi's pitiful cabbage like globs of buttercream. *Sigh*. I have downloaded a couple of videos so I can practice. I am not in despair however...I just signed up for Course II...that is all flowers! Yeah! I can feel foolish for another month! Class starts Tuesday so I have little time to get up to par on those roses.
Here's a pix of my pathetic roses and final cake....This was a 9" two layer banana walnut cake per the Prince's request, made with cream cheese buttercream

Those are little "dots" on the side of the a pretty light green, but I didn't take my time, we had like 5 minutes left in class when I started them, so they are a bit off and not uniform. And, the cake does list a bit to one side...hmmm. Prince perfect pointed this out to me RIGHT I guess I missed part of one edge...well, all I can say is PRACTICE is in my future!
Not much else going on here in the RGV...we have a Halloween party tonight...I will make sure I get pictures of me and my costume...I am going as a ghost...
More tomorrow
Happy Halloween!