The Aluminum Asylum

The Aluminum Asylum
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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Ok, ok...I have been shamed by girlfriend #1 that I haven't posted for a week. Well, its been a very busy week yanno! The master bed and bath are now done. Paulie is at this very moment taking off my foam pad and heated mattress pad. We are donating these to our favorite charity...the Zack Ziaja Furnish My Apartment for Me Fund. We have about three grand donated already, whats a couple of hundred more?

We didn't do very well at the stuff went for a buck an item. The highest bid item was the freaking moneybox with the key I used for past garage sales, 6 bucks and the dancing NFL St Louis Ram went for 5. Jeez, no accounting for people's taste....!

The POD cubes from ABF are arriving on June 6th and we have til the 11th to get 'er done. Shouldn't be a problem. We depart from our beloved camping spot with the wonderful view of the garage door in the driveway. A tree to look at would be nice...the garbage can also gets old.

For those of you who I haven't spoken to in a while, Paul's dad called the other morning and announced he was in the hospital. He felt numbness in his leg and it was dragging it behind him so he had to use a cane to get around. Called the doc and she ordered him to the E room. He drove himself of course, probably after he walked the dog, did his bathroom thing and had breakfast. Apparently, he has suffered a mini-stroke. The trip to the ER and the meds they administered immediately prevented a potentially serious major stroke. Wow, lucky little guy. He spend two nights in the hospital getting tests and then he was released. When Paul called in the early evening last night, Grandpa said to hurry it up, he was going to the oyster bar with the "girls"....his golfing buddies.
I guess he's feeling ok!

The rain is here and will stick around for the rest of the won't get outta town til like Tuesday. Crap. Means I will be such a sweet soul to live with and be around. Yeah right. Poor Paul. How is it possible for a person to sleep for 18 hours a day? I think I am turning feline...they sleep 23 hours a day. This combo of fibro-chronic fatigue-bilateral Meniere's is a real doozie...I am a medical mystery. Think I should donate my old geezer body to science when I die. The only hesitation is that Paul if he outlives me, will get paid for it. That would piss me off. Especially if they pay by the pound....



Thursday, May 24, 2007


Well, so much for spending the holiday weekend at Lake Sanchris...they are overflowing. People put small tents on sites to hold them...after paying of course. Hmmm, I suppose that's one way of reserving a spot over the holiday...paying for a full week for three or four days of camping. Not me. I am too cheap. Besides, it is supposed to rain all weekend so I would rather spend it in the driveway with my satellite TV and close to the Showplace 8 (so I can go see Johnny Depp) and near the grocery store in case I get a yearnin' for something. We would not be able to get satellite in all the trees, and I am not into watching raindrops. *sigh*. I did want to get away.

Well, we got rid of all but five tubs of stuff for the auction. Paul took the first seven or so of many bags of donation stuff to Hope Charities. I will begin working on my clothes sometime this weekend and just finish up all the little odds and ends. I am really tired of sorting and deciding...will be glad it will be over soon.

I had my last pt this morning and like a good little girl, I got my T shirt. All I could do today was heat...I am in the midst of a fibro flare and I could barely move much less get out of bed this morning. Gosh, this gets old... Before we went to PT, we dropped off the rig for the new tires...$2600 later we have all new wheelies.

Not much else going on...storms are rolling in with a cool front which is making my head throb. I just need to take it slow and easy this weekend...
Living in the driveway does have it's disadvantages...the Harley riding grandma next door and her two buxom grandaughters(read fat girls who wear clothes that are 4 sizes too small...) are out in the nice weather. They don't talk to each other, they frickin' scream. Gets OLD....last night I almost called the cops. They act as if there is no one else around and nobody hears their obnoxious screeches. Grrrr.



Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Sometimes I hate this damm blogger. Earlier today I wrote a nice informative post for everyone to read...then I kept getting scripting error pop ups. Nice. Blogger informs me that it now automatically saves what I am writing into drafts. They lie. I am not gonna repeat all the terrible names I called this blogger. Just makes me want my own web page again.

Anyways...I will give a quick synopsis of what I wrote earlier...

All tubs (like 25) made their way to the auction.
Paul sold more stuff to Minak (the gal who bought our house) including my bike and the tea cart.

(FYI...I am now getting a message every 60 seconds that my writing is being saved by blogger....pffft! I say!!)

I aggravated my fibro lifting boxes and packing yesterday and I am paying the price today.

It is freakin' HOT in this rig without air...we can't run even ONE AC due to the electric situation. Makes me think I will convince the polish prince to move us to Riverside park BEFORE the 12th...or even Sanchris Lake (that might be too expensive....who says state parks are economical?)

Well, I am also brain dead so I can't remember anything else I wrote earlier. I wanted to go to the Stitch and B*tch at Barnes and Noble tonight but I am on the fence. I do have a ton of books and mags on knitting to get rid of...maybe someone there will be interested. I am not working on anything at all, but I do have my trusty D*mm sweater in the bag next to my chair. Too hard to do that while talking but I want to look at it a lot and feel guilty. Now ask me how that is working, LOL!

Hugs to all...


Monday, May 21, 2007

Monday Monday....

We had our first Cenois Rally at Yogi's Jellystone park in Goodwin. $35 per night on weekends. Outrageous. Last time for that place, at least for us poor Ziaja's.
We are retired, yanno and on limited camping funds. LOL. We had a nice visit with everyone, and met some new folks who may join our club.

Back to reality this morning. I listed about 55 items to be listed on Ebay by the service we found. The only thing they wouldn't take was Zack's old airgun. Toll Paulie they don't DO guns on Ebay, but of course, each and every statement, comment or bit of knowledge expressed by me is completely and totally ignored. I win...again. Just like on TV tonight I told him Dancing with the stars was the finale... tonight was the final three and of course he insisted there was one more week. I win again. I just don't know why he doesn't just keep his trap shut. He is wrong more often then right and I am always right!

We will be renting a trailer tomorrow and taking a ton of stuff down to the Auction house in Glenarm. Again, change of plans. I just cannot deal with another garage sale, and its the holiday weekend anyways so the turnout would be iffy. We need to have everything OUT by June 12th as that is when we start the summer tour. The rest of the stuff goes to our friend Hank's church thrift store in Lincoln. No matter where or who gets will be gone! I need to find a cleaning service to clean the house before we leave. I am NOT wiping out cabinets and washing down the kitchen plus the fridge needs cleaning out. Ick. Not something I either relish OR can do well...bending and reaching up are out of the question.

22 days and counting to lift off. It seems so long ago that the Polish Prince and I decided to sell and go fulltime. It must have been 10 years now that we have dreamt of going on the road to see the country. We will continue to write our travel plans in pencil and can be erased and changed daily.

The island, the wing chair and the futon work beautifully in the rig. The only original furniture are the front seats and the bed. We do need to find a source for the stupid pantry slid out racks...the plastic anchors in the back keep breaking. Very irritating. The vibration going down the highway must crack the cheapie things. Can't find metal anywhere. The engineers at Damon must be idiots. Don't they think of these things in their designs? Grrrr.

Well, I will post some more after our experience at the auction. Hope this works out.



Tuesday, May 15, 2007

After months of having sign in problems with the blog, even losing the damm thing once, I have determined just what is happening at google. Its not ME. Was there any doubt? Hardly ANY I'm sure. I had changed over from the old blog format and misspelled my sign in name. I have been typing rocketmom1985 for so many years...but for the change over I signed in as rocketOM1985. RockeTOM. My goodness, I am truly brain damaged at times. Well, at least I know how to fix it...just sign in as rocketom. It won't let me change it to my regular email addy as I already exist...Grrrr.

Paul is in Athens at a funeral this morning. One of his buddies from FedEX passed away unexpectedly at the age of 53. He did have Chron's disease, but the cause of death has yet to be determined. He had transferred from SPI to California and ended up in Maui as a courier. Paul says at least he died in paradise. I am not so sure of that.

I am getting ready to go thru all my clothes. I really seem to have packed what I most needed when we left in November. Although I plan to stay far far away from anyplace cold, I guess I do need some clothes to layer if the weather should turn cold unexpectedly. I do have a "little black" outfit that I will keep in the MH. You never know when I may need it in the future. Let's hope not for a long long time.

I have so many t shirts that are iffy. Not good enough to wear out in public but certainly too good to toss. I guess I will just put them in the charity box. Paulie and I decided to have one more garage sale(oh crap, why did I consent to this...I will regret it I just know this as sure as I am sittin' here...) The packing up of stuff to take to auction will be very little. A set of China, the tea cart, some crystal and wine/drink glasses. And the recliner from the MH. Maybe the table set and the large cedar chest we had put in for extra seating for grandpa and for storage from the MH also. I ordered an island with a breakfast bar that folds up and down. It has several drawers, a knife rack and cabinet storage. Hope this setup works. I had to almost BEG the polish prince to spend the $299. It should be delivered today by FedEx ground. We are leaving for our first Cenois MH club this weekend at a campground somewhere near Peoria I think. It will be good to get away for awhile and see what everyone is up to. This may be our only outing with them due to our schedule being written in jello. I still want to keep up with the Cenois, but it may be hard to mesh schedules, but we will surely try. We have made some wonderful friends over the years and don't want to lose them.

Well, that's about it for updates. Back to the mess in the house...we already have 30 tubs of stuff I can't live without. The Prince is NOT happy. Pfffft.



Monday, May 14, 2007

OK, so I have not been good at updating the blog. I have been going thru some serious emotional ups and downs here. Paul wants to get rid of all MY can he be so callous? OK, so I have two tubs of Halloween tub of Easter decorations and 7 Christmas tubs of stuff. I got rid of at least 10 tubs of holiday stuff already! I have lots of pictues, which I SWEAR that I will go thru when we get back to Weslaco in October. I need TIME to decide what to save and what to get rid of...yanno its hard...Zack appears in 60 gazillions of them and all of them are good! I have three tubs of crafts, and I should remind Paulie...down from an entire ROOM of stuff. It kills me to give this stuff away. Everything I had was a project that I keep in my head and that just needed time to finish. Argh. What is the good of having a whole freaking garage in Weslaco if I can't fill it up with my stuff? I would rather set out Catherine's Hummels than look at a tacky lioness statue from Big lots....I am NOT making this up....I have some beautiful dishes and china pieces...I consented to get rid of all the crystal. Jeez, what is a gal to do! Paul says there must be 59 tubs to be moved. He needs to learn how to count for cripesakes. I have a lot of personal should have seen his face when he saw that I had put my collection of angels on top of the lambrikin shade in the bedroom. WhataPutz. Oh well. There is a completely great shelf on top of that lambrikin and it was perfect for my angels. Heck, I need all the heavenly help I can get. Plus there will be a spot for St. Joseph up there when we dig him up after the closing.

We just got finished with the auction guy. Not encouraging...says that what we have just won't sell except maybe the teacart, my Lenox china and the chair we removed from the MH. Crap. Now what? We can haul it ourselves to the other auction place in Glenarm and see what they will take. The rest of the stuff we'll just haul to the Goodwill. I haven't even gone thru my clothes yet. I am very discouraged. Of course, my junk is NOBODY'S treasure.

The kitchen counters, stove and sink have been installed. Looks great. I am jealous. My kitchen in Weslaco needs year. ...maybe next year....

Well, Paulie and I have another couple of days work here now that we know what we have is crap that nobody wants. I have a bunch of stuff for the ebay guy...but I have to list it all individually or in "lots" ....this will take me the rest of the day at least.

Well, we have pulled in the slides and are headed over to the lake to dump the holding tanks. No use tempting fate...the black tank says full...just what we need, an overflow of nasty black waste
like poopoos overflowing. That would be the freaking end.

I'll try to post more updates in a more timely manner...don't think of this as a promise...I seen to be breaking them right and left.

OH...Zack made the Dean's list again...he surely is is mother's son...bullsh*ting his way thru college. Well, he's gotta have some brains...just wish he'd get a grip on his sloppiness issues. I pity the poor girl he marries...that reflects on the mother yanno?



Thursday, May 03, 2007

I offer my humblest apologies...since we have arrived back at the sticks and bricks house, I haven't posted anything to the blog. Not that I don't have a lot to talk about, but I just had more pressing issues to deal with.

A quick update. As soon as we got home, Paulie decided to have a garage sale. We have a new neighbor next door, a young man who is getting married soon in his home country of Greece. We are trying to fanagle an invite to that wedding!
He purchased the big screen tv and also Gene's bedroom set. We worked like dogs (well, Paulie did...) to get ready. It sucked. Nobody wanted to pay more than a dime for stuff. I am NOT selling my set of china for a frickin' DIME! We decided to just call an auctioneer to sell what is left which is a lot of stuff. We did have a serious buyer two days after the sign went up, however she backed out due to financing issues. A couple of days later, we had a contract on the house. A couple who works for the state have her mom living with them so this is a perfect fit. We held out for full asking price. No problem. So, we have been very busy. We did have painters in, ordered new counter tops, bought the new sink and hardware, paint for the cabinets and a new stove. We had no idea we would sell it without these improvements so we had already committed to those expenses. We were able to take the paint back and the hardware so we did save some $.

I have been under the weather since we have had several cold fronts accompanied by rain hit. I am doing better today however. We are still planning to go to Michigan June 18 and will return on July 18th or thereabouts. Zack is having some minor surgery on July 20 so we will be able to care for him when he gets home. He and Gregg are moving into their new apartment this weekend...I should tell you all that Gregg's dad and Zack's dad will be doing the actual moving. Figures, Zack has to work...don't know what Greg's excuse was...thinking it was RA duties getting all the kids outta the dorm.

The other thing we did was cancel our home phone which means I lost my dsl for internet. We decided to buy a Cingular aircard which I am now using. It is quite different than dsl and altho they call it broadband, basically the card is a cell phone that slips into the laptop and then connects like the phone does. It will take me a while to get used to this...

well, I will post more later. I am off to take a shower. Its raining again so I don't know what the slavemaster has planned for today.