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The Aluminum Asylum
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Monday, May 21, 2007

Monday Monday....

We had our first Cenois Rally at Yogi's Jellystone park in Goodwin. $35 per night on weekends. Outrageous. Last time for that place, at least for us poor Ziaja's.
We are retired, yanno and on limited camping funds. LOL. We had a nice visit with everyone, and met some new folks who may join our club.

Back to reality this morning. I listed about 55 items to be listed on Ebay by the service we found. The only thing they wouldn't take was Zack's old airgun. Toll Paulie they don't DO guns on Ebay, but of course, each and every statement, comment or bit of knowledge expressed by me is completely and totally ignored. I win...again. Just like on TV tonight I told him Dancing with the stars was the finale... tonight was the final three and of course he insisted there was one more week. I win again. I just don't know why he doesn't just keep his trap shut. He is wrong more often then right and I am always right!

We will be renting a trailer tomorrow and taking a ton of stuff down to the Auction house in Glenarm. Again, change of plans. I just cannot deal with another garage sale, and its the holiday weekend anyways so the turnout would be iffy. We need to have everything OUT by June 12th as that is when we start the summer tour. The rest of the stuff goes to our friend Hank's church thrift store in Lincoln. No matter where or who gets will be gone! I need to find a cleaning service to clean the house before we leave. I am NOT wiping out cabinets and washing down the kitchen plus the fridge needs cleaning out. Ick. Not something I either relish OR can do well...bending and reaching up are out of the question.

22 days and counting to lift off. It seems so long ago that the Polish Prince and I decided to sell and go fulltime. It must have been 10 years now that we have dreamt of going on the road to see the country. We will continue to write our travel plans in pencil and can be erased and changed daily.

The island, the wing chair and the futon work beautifully in the rig. The only original furniture are the front seats and the bed. We do need to find a source for the stupid pantry slid out racks...the plastic anchors in the back keep breaking. Very irritating. The vibration going down the highway must crack the cheapie things. Can't find metal anywhere. The engineers at Damon must be idiots. Don't they think of these things in their designs? Grrrr.

Well, I will post some more after our experience at the auction. Hope this works out.



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