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The Aluminum Asylum
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Thursday, May 03, 2007

I offer my humblest apologies...since we have arrived back at the sticks and bricks house, I haven't posted anything to the blog. Not that I don't have a lot to talk about, but I just had more pressing issues to deal with.

A quick update. As soon as we got home, Paulie decided to have a garage sale. We have a new neighbor next door, a young man who is getting married soon in his home country of Greece. We are trying to fanagle an invite to that wedding!
He purchased the big screen tv and also Gene's bedroom set. We worked like dogs (well, Paulie did...) to get ready. It sucked. Nobody wanted to pay more than a dime for stuff. I am NOT selling my set of china for a frickin' DIME! We decided to just call an auctioneer to sell what is left which is a lot of stuff. We did have a serious buyer two days after the sign went up, however she backed out due to financing issues. A couple of days later, we had a contract on the house. A couple who works for the state have her mom living with them so this is a perfect fit. We held out for full asking price. No problem. So, we have been very busy. We did have painters in, ordered new counter tops, bought the new sink and hardware, paint for the cabinets and a new stove. We had no idea we would sell it without these improvements so we had already committed to those expenses. We were able to take the paint back and the hardware so we did save some $.

I have been under the weather since we have had several cold fronts accompanied by rain hit. I am doing better today however. We are still planning to go to Michigan June 18 and will return on July 18th or thereabouts. Zack is having some minor surgery on July 20 so we will be able to care for him when he gets home. He and Gregg are moving into their new apartment this weekend...I should tell you all that Gregg's dad and Zack's dad will be doing the actual moving. Figures, Zack has to work...don't know what Greg's excuse was...thinking it was RA duties getting all the kids outta the dorm.

The other thing we did was cancel our home phone which means I lost my dsl for internet. We decided to buy a Cingular aircard which I am now using. It is quite different than dsl and altho they call it broadband, basically the card is a cell phone that slips into the laptop and then connects like the phone does. It will take me a while to get used to this...

well, I will post more later. I am off to take a shower. Its raining again so I don't know what the slavemaster has planned for today.