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The Aluminum Asylum
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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Gosh, here it is Tuesday...time is just flying by!

Good news! Puppy is eating canned doggie food and drinking from a at 6 weeks, we can get him! I had emailed the gal and she said it was OK, as I had written that I wanted to get him to the vet ASAP. So Thursday morning we head to Rockaway Beach to pick up the little munchkin. Still no name...lots of suggestions...but, until we get home and have him around for a while, I am not gonna make a decision. I will post new pictures on Thursday.

I just had to go down to the office to turn off the alarm. Paul went down to get something that needs to be at the guard shack and wrote the alarm access code number down wrong. He also blamed me for giving him the wrong number and swears I "looked" at it...(I was typing on the 'puter how could I do that????) but once again, his dyslexia is the culprit and the number was wrong. Of course, I am the problem according to the Prince of's NEVER his fault...he always has an excuse to blame me for everything....This is as close to slapping him as I have gotten in a loooonnnnng time. Enough about potential domestic violence...I have my phone ready to call 911...kidding of course!

Kinda how I am feeling towards him right now....

I had to work to almost 6 today, office usually is closed up at 5. We had a guest who had her confirmation letter from Lynn, with the number etc...and I didn't have a card, there was nothing in either the phone log OR the reservation book. I had her fill out the card, and told them to come back in the a.m. I told Lynn about it when I transferred the phone at 5 and she was really surprised. OK, so am I. I'll let Buckie deal with it in the morning...she is the owners Mom, so she can handle anything...86 years old or not! Hehehehe! I also had to switch sites as they choose site 13 which was reserved for Thurs with a full weeks stay. I moved the Thursday arrival to another "close to the facilities" spot suitable for a van. No problem! Good thing we pencil in reservations in the registration book!

I am off til Saturday morning...the Prince of Darkness has to work two hours tomorrow. I am playing my violins of course. I will prolly go shopping so I won't have to clean the rig by myself again....we can share the cleaning when he gets off and I get home.

Well, except for us being on the outs (and what else is new?) not much going on here. I am really looking forward to Thursday. Can't wait to get my little guy home. I may soon be regretting this, but I am sure excited right now!