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The Aluminum Asylum
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Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Oh my, where do I begin? Paulie is off shuffling (like all the old farts who live here...Friday he lost $ this rate we will be broke by March...the loser!)
The other old fart went to get his hair(s!) cut. Just got done watching the weather forecast...jeesh, it is gonna only be in the mid 60's for the rest of the week...crap, I'll have to get out pants and close the windows. Well, we can't complain, the weather has been perfect since we got here.

I am still struggling with the problems on my computer. I have the four backup disks that I must scan for the sickies before I can reload my pix and documents.
Am just not up to facing the aggravation. So yesterday, since Paul didn't buy the DVD-RW's I asked for to start the video to dvd transfers, I decided to rifle through the thousands of pictures still not scanned and put on CD's. There must be 3000. I have been searching for a photo scanner that has an automatic feed. There is no way I am ever going to get them all scanned if I have to manually do each one individually. I did find an Epson photo/biz card feeder which was called a "scanner" but on further research, found that it is just an attachment that works with two other Epson photo scanners. Imagine my surprise when I tried to find out the prices on these two photo scanners...they are discontinued. Can you believe this crap? So I look on Ebay and there are two used ones...I hate to buy used cause you never know if someone has junked it up and is now dumping it to some unwary Ebay freak. *Sigh*. The attachment is about $150 with shipping, and the scanner I am thinking will go for about $100 with shipping. Services will scan the photos onto CDs for prices ranging from 12 cents each to 500 pictures for $60. Either way, its expensive. Paul's solution? Pick out the good ones (yeah, like I can choose which pose I like better of all Zack's baby pictures...unthinking foolish oaf...) With 3000 photos from both of us and our lives before we got married, our whole married life, including visits to now deceased relatives, and all the stuff of life in between like vacations, Christmas and other holidays, it will cost about $400 no matter what I do. Hmmm. Anybody wanna chime in here and give me some advice? I dumped all the fuzzy pix, bad pix of me (snark snark....most of Zack's life I was a blimp so many of those hit the shredder) and duplicates. I still have 3000 after the purge. I also have lots of pix my mom gave me of long ago with my godmother, grandfathers, and lots of great shots of Jan and me as little way am I gonna lose these. What is up with MEN? They are pack rats with THEIR stuff but goodness, God help the woman who wants to save her kids birth announcement for cripesakes. Grrrrr.

OK...I have about 15 minutes before the shuffleboard loser shows up and I need to get to Walmart. WE are bringing jello salad (carrots, pineapple, nuts and yellow jello) and I have three large bananas I will magically transform into my favorite and FAMOUS banana bread.

BTW, Zack is down about 75 lbs. 25 more to go before he'll cut his is down to his shoulders but curly(where that came from I'll never know...he had it when he was a baby too...blond ringlets that I cried when he got cut off....). He had a fill last Thursday, but didn't complain of any problems until Sunday when I dragged it outta him. He couldn't keep even water down...putz, what does he think he's superman and doesn't need any hydration? So get this...he tells me he is taking a lot of SHOWERS to hydrate his skin. OMG. Did he think he'd not get dehydrated by sitting in the tub or taking a shower? What is this kid learning in college for heavens sake...well, I guess as an English major he didn't take any science classes....common BRAINS would tell you to call the doc right?
He didn't want to bother him on the weekend....cripes, that's why you PAY the doctor to be there when you need them. So, being his mother I called the doc. Got the service, explained the situation and told them to page the doc and have him call Zack asap. Doc was on airplane and called as soon as he landed. Told Zack to sip Gatorade and get his ass to Clinton first thing Monday morning. The PA had overfilled his band, so the doc took our 1cc of the 2 they did on Thursday.
I am sure I was not told just exactly what the doc told the brat...sure hope he reamned him good. Supid ass. Well, like father, like son so they say....

OK, off to get ready to go to Wally world...well, at least get dressed, LOL!