The Aluminum Asylum

The Aluminum Asylum
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Sunday, June 08, 2008


We are off today, and decided to go the Landing and Paul could fish for trout and I could ride around the shops. It is a very warm and windy kinda day...I wasn't much interested in shopping, if you can believe that...and the Prince had taken some Benedyrl since he found a lovely patch of poison ivy yesterday while weeding. He has a terrible allergy to poison ivy and this could be the beginning of a bad flair up. While on the Landing, I stopped and picked up some lunch. It was from the Chicago Pizza Company. Unless you have actually lived in Chicago, one would think all Chicago Pizza was real crap. This stuff was. When I arrived at the pier where the Prince was fishing, all he had caught all afternoon was a pair of boxer shorts, no kidding.

We ate lunch and then headed over to ABC Campground where RV-Dreams is holding a rally. We know a couple of folks who are attending so we thought we'd drive over and check it out. We spent the entire afternoon meeting new folks and matching email names and blogs with faces. We had a wonderful time. Around 5 we said our goodbyes and headed home.

We stopped at the Colonel's for some extra crispy to have for dinner. Back at the campground we sat and talked to Linda and Al for a while. We finally said our goodbyes and had a late dinner. Something is brewing between the workers and the owner's husband. He went off on Paul yesterday for some reason and Paul, incredibly kept his cool. However, there is a letter in the office that the guys must sign. It has something to do with the weeding...well, it has rained 5 outta 7 days in any week and weeds are popping out all over the place, plus the equipment the guys have to work with is really worthless. A weed eater is not the right tool to get weeds outta use weed killer in a sprayer. The sprayer is broken, and the weedkiller is from the dollar store. Geez. The guys are all supposed to read then sign this letter. This is just not gonna happen with Paul...we may be packed up and gone by tomorrow afternoon. I will fill in more info tomorrow.