The Aluminum Asylum

The Aluminum Asylum
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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

If tomorrow turns out to be the disaster today was, I quit. I mean it...I quit...RV'ing, marriage, I will even quit talking and that says alot.

We took off about 6:15 am for San Antonio for the VA doc appointment in the ortho clinic. I didn't sleep well at all last night, nothing new there. Was up at 5, and finished the last minute things to lug out to the rig. As we begin to pull out, the break line to the car starts beeping. We stop, and 10 minutes later we try again after The Great Genius looks over the system. We get on the highway and the sucker starts beeping on and off. Then just shuts up. Ok, all is a-ok. We hit construction as soon as we get on 281 in Edinburg. Sigh. I am now ready to go back to I lay down on the futon and try to get some zzzz's. We arrive in San Antonio, drop the rig off at the Walmart parking lot near the freeway and head over to the VA hospital. After two hours, we see two docs, and find out that total joint replacements are being scheduled way out to September. That's fine...will fit into our plans OK with the Branson gig. So, we find out The Genius needs to have a physical and then a dental appt to clear him for surgery. We can't schedule these until we have a date, which they will have to notify us when that will be. Grrrrr....

We head back to the rig, hook up and head for the campground, Rio Rafts RV park in New Braunfels. The bitch in the box has us on state route 281 instead of about traffic...everyone in San Antonio is heading north on 281 and there are lights out the ying yang. After several "exchanges" I decide I will just keep my mouth shut. Nothing I say can break thru The Genius' mental wall. OK.

We finally get to the park. It is after 5 pm and when I had called the park eariler, the host told me to just take one of NINE spots numbered 60-70 (one rig was in a spot in that area...). Of course, The Genius goes the wrong way to the sites...we can't really swing into any of the spots...he wheels around again thru the campground and pulls into the spot right NEXT to the other rig. Nine empties and he takes the one right next to the other people. Then he exclaims "The hookups on on the wrong side." No shit long you been driving this rig? So, we once again troll thru the campground, diesel engine letting everyone know that we are stupid people and can't pull into a simple pull thru 60 foot rv space. Like I said, Genius. He finally settles on a spot. Under trees. Nine spots and he picks the one with trees. We have Satellite TV...trees are not good. Genius then gets out to start the hook up process. He does the outside, I do all the stuff on the inside, slides, furniture placement....all the fun stuff...he deals with cords and sewer lines...fair trade in my opinion.

He climbs back into the rig and starts to move forward. This was after I asked if I could put out the living room slide....NO he shouts! I yell back OK, take a chill pill....he spits back that all he did was answer my question...yeah, like hell he did. OK, he gets out and then yells for me to start up the rig and move it back more...OK. After I do this, he comes back inside and I again ask him if I can let out the LR slide. OK says the Genius. I hit the button and all of a sudden he starts screaming at me to stop! He says in a very nasty tone, "Did you even LOOK before you started the slide?" Well, like NO, I am at the other side of the rig..." He starts yelling that the fan was in the area behind his seat and would catch in the slide. OK. I stop the slide and turn away and go into the bedroom. He is continuing his tirade of how I never take "responsibility" for my actions. Excuse me? What in the heck is he talking about. I yelled back that if he didn't shut his mouth, I was gonna hurt him when he was asleep. So...such is the first day of our four month odyssey. Grief. Aggravation. The urge to slap someone!

So, I am five feet away from The Genius...and am not talking. Not talking, not looking, totally ignoring. Putz.

And so it goes...another joyful day of fulltiming at it's best yanno? Maybe a good nights sleep will be good for both of us.