The Aluminum Asylum

The Aluminum Asylum
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Saturday, March 31, 2007


For the past three days we have been in the middle of a nasty front that cannot make up its bloody mind where it wants to go. So it's sat on top of the Valley. I have of course been whacked and have spent a lot of time in vertigo-land.

Paul has decided to have the front of the rig sprayed with Tuff coat...the stuff they use to spay on bed liners in pickup trucks. It should reduce the rock chips and be easier for him to clean off the bugs we kill each time we drive it. Geez, anything to make Paulie's work easier...I say go for it! Maybe this will end his continuous bitching about think that they only committed suicide on our one else has this problem, eh? We have to take the rig to Brownsville on Monday, which was our day to hit the road. Now we will leave on Tuesday. Or Wednesday. Hopefully. I guess now that I have convinced myself that we have to go home, I wanna get there and get going on this house fixing/staging/selling crap.

Both the boys are playing poker. One last game I guess. We are going to Padre Island tomorrow to meet Barb and Arnie one last time. Perhaps we will go to Metamoros also which is right across the river from Brownsville. We want to have dinner again at Dirty Al's for the shrimp.

We have a ton of stuff already staged in the kitchen and the bedroom so all we gotta do is truck it out to the rig. We should have lots of space as we have one less set of clothes, 40 pair of shoes, 5 coats, 20 lbs of dog food, a doggie bed, and the replica of the geezer section at Walgreens...yanno...suppositories, 12 kinds of pain killer, a gallon of scope, denture holders/cleaners/brushes, 5 kinds of bottles of whatever prescriptions, the list goes on and on. Oh forgot all the hats. How many hats does this man own? Oh well, I guess I can stop bitching now. We have decided to take Snickers the stuckup kitty home with us. I just don't think grandpa is too into what she needs. And she is a needy bitch. Plus, I can just imagine her sneaking into his closet and he closes the door and doesn't hear her for several days. I really wanted to leave her here so we don't have to worry about her taking a smelly dump right before we show the house, but I think we will be staying in the motorhome and that's where she'll be kept.

Well, that's about all that's happening around these parts. Hopefully the weather will cooperate and we will have sunshine tomorrow. The last time we were at Padre it was cold, windy and rainy. I'd like to see what the beaches look like in the sun and perhaps walk along the beach?