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The Aluminum Asylum
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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Good Grief….

It’s been a while since I have posted. Hmmm. Getting lazy in my old age I guess. A quick update…we are in the get ready for the birthday party mode. Today Paul and grandpa planted a grapefruit tree and a Chinese fan palm tree. They worked in the garage and Paulie pressured washed one part of the house. It was a cloudy and overcast day, and of course with rain expected my head was moving in different directions.

Monday, we ordered the cake, bought party supplies and did some errands. I think we will have to order more cake. We are expecting about 100 people. Crazy. We have decided to move the party to the meeting hall with that many folks…they won’t all fit in our driveway! This way we have use of the kitchen and I can be sure we won’t be blowing any fuses at the house with Freddie’s equipment and the two coffee pots. Plus, it’s supposed to be in the upper 80’s so having air and ceiling fans will be cool. Now I don’t have to worry about the wind getting dirt all over the cake. I have been advised that I should get more cake. The full sheet cake only feeds about 75 people so I don’t want to get caught short. Now I can have the second cake say Happy Birthday Old Fart! LOL!

Monday evening we went to the park dance with grandpa. Bev’s son and daughter-in-law were there also and we had a nice evening getting to know them.

We are heading to Mexico tomorrow. It is Winter Texan appreciation day in Progresso. There will be free food, entertainment and local crafts people.
We will have to leave early like 8 am (geesh!) in order to get a parking space in the adjoining lots outside the border. I have been advised not to bring my scooter so I will have to take along some pain killers. I sure hope that doesn’t ruin my day. Hey, if somebody doesn’t get outta my way when I am on that thing, then that’s their problem right?

The weather has been really almost perfect. Sunshine everyday and in the 80’s. Nice cool breezes keep the heat in check. The fruit trees are all in bloom, the lilies are up and so are the spring flowers. Lots of folks have tomato plants that have fruit on them already. Paul bought three plants but we haven’t put them in yet. One is coming home with us in a container.
Well, I will try to post about our day in Mexico tomorrow.