The Aluminum Asylum

The Aluminum Asylum
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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

June 5th...a day I shall long remember...we finally left the driveway at 2 Walberta. It's about time I guess. Was really tired of looking at the garage door and the neighbor's trash cans. So, I guess this is our first day of official "homelessness". Gypsy lifestyle. Freedom. We are parked at Riverside Park. We almost didn't get a full hookup...there must be some workers here that have kinda taken over the few full hookups available here...most spots are water and electric only. I noticed also that they park their trucks in open spots between their rigs so there is more room for their stuff. The campground hosts have their hands full I guess. We are actually in a spot that someone I guess switched their spot tag for and left two lawn chairs. They are only paid for one night, so the campground host let us take this spot...we will be here ten days and need the sewer hookup. Hope there are no problems.

The PODS arrive tomorrow and we are hoping to finish packing all in one day. Prolly a pipe dream but it would be nice! To finally end this lonnnnnggggg, drawn out divestiture!

So, we are once again "on the road" as fulltimers once more. Of course, since we started in 2006 we have the 2006 class t shirts but still had the house to get rid biggie I guess.

Paul has goofed around with the satellite dish for about two hours and still can't get the sucker to work. Too many trees I think. Oh well, we didn't come to the campground to watch TV all the time. I am looking forward to the quiet. Sitting in the driveway and not in the house that sits back on the lot, you really hear a lot of Rt 29 traffic, especially the heavy trucks, you know the ones bringing in the breakfast buddies we all know and love! (hogs, piggies, whatever...breakfast buddies...bacon, sausage etc.) Plus I will NOT miss those two gargantuan loudmouths from next door or the revving up of grandma's Harley.

Well, not much else to report. It is nice and cool this evening, so we will sleep well I think.

Snickers is jumping from window to window taking in all the sites...dogs, squirrels, birds...her little mind must be plotting out how to escape and have some fun I guess.