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The Aluminum Asylum
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Monday, June 25, 2007

Ok, ok, ok...I am up to my dirty tricks again...promising stuff and not following thru....however, I do have excuse. I have been like a dead woman walking for the entire week we've been here. Fibro/Chronic fatigue and my favorite vertigo have taken over my life. I feel so bad for Paulie...all I do is sleep!

Here’s a quick recap since I posted last….

Friday…we pretty much just hung around the campground until 11 and then we were off to visit Larry at Beltone. Grandpa and I had our hearing aides cleaned and re-calibrated. Paul had started the laundry, so after our appointment, we joined him at the suds-o-rama to finish up. Geesh…lots of clothes. I was asked why I had 9 pair of undies in the laundry. “Cause I change ‘em every day dufus…” and then Paulie told me the reason he only had three was he wasn’t wearin’ ‘em. Too much information for me…no wonder he has this stupid goofy look on his face all the time. Pervert. The weather is beautiful. We went back to the rig and just vegged all day. Not much was on TV so we watched a chick flick Friday night since I had control of the clicker. I told them they could have it when I went to bed so they could watch exciting poker games on Travel.


I had a horrible day…the boys went to the grocery store while I was still in bed, so I was abandoned when I woke up. I took a shower, dried this mop of uncut mangles and then had a muffin. When the guys got back I had to go back to bed. We are supposed to go to Suzie and Lar’s about 4:30 for a BBQ. Ricky is bringing his daughters Lindsay and Stephanie (who had a baby girl in October…hubby Matt is working on their kitchen…she said she is tired of having the fridge in the living room….!)

I got up around 4:15 and nobody was around…the car was here but no Paulie or Grandpa. They must be off showering at the bathhouse. I got dressed. Of course, the outfit I planned to wear fell flat…black shorts set with tank top…can’t find stupid tank top. Plan B…wear outrageous black top with lime flowers with black shorts. Favorite of mine from Key West. Pull out top, see that someone(whomever does the laundry) had failed to note the self-adhesive name badge on the blouse and washed and dried it with the damm thing on…gluey gloopy round circle that air particles and all kinds of fuzz stick to….OK. Black shorts and my checked yellow white and black sweater. Ugh.

Finally Paulie comes in and says party is delayed. 6:30 scheduled departure…OK. We arrive, I am like in a stupor and all I can do is sit on the chair. Well, this is the first time Paulie's family has seen me wiped out. Everyone felt really bad. We all had a nice visit. Larry’s folks were there and we all had a nice time. Stephanie’s baby girl Anna is quite a charmer and is really a pretty little girl. We left about 11 with no firm plans for a breakfast get together.


We slept in, read the paper and had a nice easy morning. Rick and the girls had to get back to Midland early so the left about nine. Sue called and will meet us on the beach later this afternoon. We hauled the chairs, some sandwiches and soda down to the beach. What a trek… the water is beautiful…the wind was cool and refreshing…what a great afternoon.

Sue and daughter Casey arrived and we had good sandwiches, conversation and enjoyed the afternoon. Sue invited us for dinner…so we will bring some additions to the family meal…some fresh corn on the cob….fruit and some other stuff I don’t remember!

We had a great dinner, talked over dinner for a while and then finally when the sun set about 9:30 we headed back to the rig. It’s very hard to get used to the sun staying out til 9:15 or 9:30. Then all of a sudden, you feel like its bedtime and it’s still light outside. I don’t have a problem going to sleep anytime of the day or night for that matter!

Today is Monday. Grandpa has to go home tomorrow. We will do some shopping after we drop him off in Grand Rapids. There is a Camping world and an awning shop we want to check out plus a Costco which we haven't had a opportunity to check out. Then we have to come back to the rig and do some cleaning...if we don't do it weekly, then I just get nutz. Really. More than unusual, lol!

Sue and Casey are here and we are waiting to go down to the beach to watch the sunset.

More tomorrow....hugs,