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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Pictures of Lucy will have to wait...I have been deathly sick.

 Paul took Lucy to the vet and he is concerned that she may have distemper.  Asked Paul if we got a health, no, we live in Mexico, dufus. The seller indicated that she had had her first  "shot" (distemper) and three wormings.   She does have a wet nose, and a bit of tears in her eyes, but nothing else I found on line that would appear to be distempter fever, no lethary, no diarrhea (see my problem below.)

Now here is my story...have lived in the bathroom for like 36 hours
Here is the Uban Dictionary decription of my malady...

"Explosive Diarrhea

Not always from eating too much of the wrong foods which is usually relieved and ends with 1 incident of it.

Can be a prolonged horrid condition that usually comes about from a bad bacterial stomach/intestional virus. A violent exploding stream of liquid that feels like hot foamy lava shooting from your poor tush along with mild to severe abdominal cramping. A frothy water that will range from shades of dark brown to a pale yellow. Depending on the cause it can last from just one incident where you get immediate relief, to 3 to 4 days until a doctor has to give you an RX to stop the awful stuff. The stream is so forceful it blasts against the toilet water forcefully causing a violent splash sending the soiled stinky water up all over your poor butt cheeks, and underside of toilet seat. Usually always accompanied by a very putrid pungent odor that you feel the need to grab the nearest towel while you are still stranded on the toilet bowl, or if not available, a wad of toilet paper to cover your nose until you can hurridly leave the bathroom.

The (danger) of this condition is DEHYDRATION. It is important to not let it run on and to sip on water thru-out the day until a couple of days after it subsides. Also accompanied by noisy bowels sounds as if a war is going on inside your poor lower abdominal area along with excessive very LOUD blasting explosive gassed up farts, queasy stomach discomfort, and severe weakness if it goes on for over 24 hours.

Gosh! While I was sick I had that awful exploding diarrhea that left me feeling so weak I could hardly move!

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So, now you know and I gotta run back to the throne.

More on Lucy and some pictures of her and Mack soon I hope.