The Aluminum Asylum

The Aluminum Asylum
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Friday, August 31, 2007

Elkhart Campground, Elkhart, IN

Well, we were up kinda early for me (8:30 like) and Paul went to the grocery store to get some pancake stuff...we have both been thinking about them since the campers next to us in Muskegon made them for the kid's breakfast and the smell woke us up.

After breakfast we visited the Damon dealer next to the campground and drooled over the new 08 models. Cripes, we'd both have to sell our kidneys just for the taxes on it! We are very satisfied with our rig now that we have done some changes. Pulling out all the furniture has made a real difference. Now, getting rid of the crappy carpeting is my next goal.

We then went to several RV parts and salvage places to see if we could find some good deals on window awnings...the ones on the windows not under big awing. The sun does a number on a hot day even with the day/night shades down...I guess aluminum just absorbs that bright hot sun. Lots and lots of RV stuff like holding tanks, doors and windows, etc. No luck, so I guess we will have to go to one of the supply houses and custom order. We may wait until 08 to do this...we have sunk a few $ in this rig already this year.

Off we went to the Farmers Market, a huge Amish built structure which I mistakenly thought was in INDOOR fruit and veggie place. Well, it was meat shops, bakeries, handmade cheese, candies, and other really good stuff. Some of the little shops are run by Amish folks, others by just regular folks. On the upper level were crafts, furniture and the most beautiful quilts I have ever seen...well, Auntie Averil's are fabulous and these had nothing on her's...but the colors were so vivid and the stitching incredible and such intricate patterns. Paul found one he wanted for $950. Hmmmm. Then he found a handmade recliner for only $400. I wanted a cookie and he gave me a hard time. We did eat at the food court from a place called the Pickle Barrel Sirloin tips. OMG! For only $7 we shared a huge serving of mashed red skin potatoes, onions and peppers and prolly the best sirloin I have EVER eaten, no kidding. We also bought some peanut butter chocolate chip cookies (I should just slap these on my ass 'cause that's where they'll ultimately end up... on my ass)
We also purchased some pulled pork which for $8 will give us about 4 meals. Then we found a small strawberry rhubarb pie and then I had to have a homemade scoop of ice cream. Just don't let me near a scale...if I get on I'll prolly have a stroke.

We headed home, Paulie and I both took a siesta...but I think he only slept for about a half hour and went exploring. He stopped at the Elks club and had a cocktail and said the place was beautiful with a very high class restaurant. He also stopped to talk to the guy who runs the RV Driving School and discussed working for this guy in the Texas area. He will be sitting in on the class at the Escapade to get a feel for it. The guy was quite pleased with Paulie's experience. Most of the students are wives who don't want their spouse to teach them how to drive an RV...ask me how THAT works. He can earn $20 bucks an hour...the classroom part is on PowerPoint and then all he does is coach from the RV...he never drives the client's rig at all. He seems pretty intrigued...and we can do this as we travel. The company sets up the info on the website offering the class wherever the instructor may be. Interesting.

We heard music and square dance callers from the pavilion so this evening we walked over and watched the folks from a square/round dance RV club dancing. Then there was a singer guy who was entertaining. Overall a good day. Crappy diet all garbage, but a full and interesting day. I think we will do the RV History Museum tomorrow...or maybe just lounge around. We do have a full week here. Shipshwana flea market is only open on Tuesday and Wednesday now, but it will be open Labor day so we may go up there on Monday.

That's about all we did today...overall a A+ day.