The Aluminum Asylum

The Aluminum Asylum
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Wednesday, March 07, 2007


Grandpa had an appointment to have a hearing test today. It appears he has hearing loss. I coulda told him that...he is going to have to get some hearing aides.

Not much going on here...we went to German Fest held at the park yesterday. It was fun watching geezers do egg toss, water balloon toss and walking with grapefruits between their legs. Honest. It was a hoot! We dined on brats with sauerkraut and hot potato salad. Not as good as the Schultz recipe, but adequate. Of course, we had German chocolate cake for dessert.

The weather has been it was about 80 and sunny....a nice cool breeze was welcome sitting out in the sun. Don't worry, I am not becoming a sun worshiper...I sit out there for just a few minutes then drag my chair into the shade. Wrinkles are a fear of mine and I know what sun does to ya.

We are going to Mexico least that is the plan. We need to buy some liqueur and I promised to bring back some white vanilla for the Cenois Motorhome ladies. Plus I want to look at some of the beautiful and colorful outside pottery jars and lawn ornaments. That'll make Paulie happy, lugging around planters.

Well, as I said not much going on here. I am almost finished with the baby sweater, just the sleeves and then sewing it together.

Will hopefully post tomorrow evening after our jog into Mexico. Ole'!!