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The Aluminum Asylum
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Friday, June 06, 2008

Frightening Friday...

I am off today, but the Prince in on duty as Buckie is working. We just had a scare with one of our new guests. Paul and the "main" camper guy decided that he should have a pull through spot...the 5th Wheel toy hauler he was pulling was HUGE. There are maybe three families traveling and mom, son and daughter-in-law and daughter and son-in-law, along with numerous rug rats running around. The other workamper, Al, came out to help with the guy pulling in. As they began to set-up I just happen to look out the window and I see one of the ladies running around in a total panic, hands on her head...she is running in circles, obviously screaming from the look on her face...then she starts grabbing kids and herding others toward the back of the campsite. Al comes running up, as I had by this time stepped out of the rig, telephone in hand and he yells "call 911, a guy is pinned between the rig and the truck!". I dial 911 and get a fast answer, unfortunately, my cell connected to the wrong county, and the gal transferred me to the correct 911. I am at this point trying not to wet my pants. The 911 guy answers, asking me where the emergency is...I scream into the phone, Shenanigan's RV Park, um Branson Shenanigans RV Park...then scream the address...The 911 guy asks, "is the victim breathing?" I yell at Al, who is now grey colored and I thought "...crap, Al's having a freaking heart attack!" Al answers yes. The guy says "Is he conscious?" I yell again at Al..."yes", he replies. THEN the guy asks "is the victim bleeding", which I then yell at Al and he gives me this look..."YES HE IS BLEEDING...Where are the EMT's ?" I am trying to calm down although my heart is almost bursting outta my chest. I tell the 911 guy that I am looking at the fire station at the corner, where are these people? He asks for my telephone number...wait, I can't remember...I am so flustered by what is going on! He asks again and I snap something like wait a minute, I don't usually call myself or something equally stupid, then it comes to me and I tell the guy. He tells me to stay on the phone...he starts asking me all kinda questions like where is the guy stuck? I ask Al, and he gives me another look and yells that it is the guy's hand. At this point, Al is walking towards the entrance and FINALLY, I hear pops a police car. I didn't call the stupid police, I need an EMT for heaven's sake! Close behind the cop, is a pick-up with Emergency Responder or something like on the side...OK we got someone here to help. Then two more vehicles pull in, one an ambulance, the other another Emergency Responder type truck. Phew...!

As it turns out, the guy could have lost his hand. I am guessing here that, impatient to get set up, the son-in-law (who is prolly not a camper except on trips with the in-laws) tried to unhitch the 5th wheel but the rig's wheels had not been chocked. The rig rolled forward on to the bed of the tow vehicle where he had placed his other hand. The weight of the rig actually dented the pickup's bed and quite possibly save the guy's hand from being cut-off. Ick.

The EMT's got the situation under control quickly...soon they left and the family drove to the hospital. Whew. We don't need excitement like this! This kid kinda has the look on his face that I think I may have had....

Well, I am off to pick up some prescriptions...and may wander around the outlet mall. I think the Prince may have to take a nap after all this excitement.