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The Aluminum Asylum
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Saturday, February 03, 2007

Saturday....Moving day.

Well, I can't believe that I haven't posted since TUESDAY. Yikes. Paul got back from Springfield yesterday at 5:30 am and he sat across the street in the High School Parking lot for four hours and slept. The gate was locked and when he woke up it was open at 9 am. Of course Mr. "I don't fib" fibbed and said he was staying overnight at Rainbow's End in Livingston at the care center. Can you believe grandpa and I didn't kill each other in those three days? We got along really well, of course we were both trying hard.

We will begin moving grandpa's stuff into the mobile today. We will move the motorhome in front of the unit as the park allows three days to pack and unpack. Unfortunately, the coach batteries are freaking dead. Dead as they get. Can't get the jacks up either since the batteries are deado. Grrrrr. Paul, the ever so calm experienced RV'er is so pissy...he just may not be suited to this life if he lets normal things that go wrong make him crazy. So we are trickle charging the batteries so they should be up and running when we are ready to vacate our little campsite. I won't miss the traffic as we are on the main entrance road. 15 MPH is the speed ass. I thought about complaining but didn't want to cause any problems with grandpa moving in here.

The weather is still gloomy. It is supposed to warm up and sun to shine next week. OK. Out of the 6 weeks we have been here we've had about 6 days of nice weather. Everyone says its El better be or I be heading back to Tampa. Of course, if we go to Florida, the hurricanes will come....we can't win.

Zack lost the winter hat I made for him so I decided to make him another with double stranded woolease as the pattern called for chunky worsted. I added a few stitches on to the pattern as his head is just a bit larger than most heads, and when I finished all I could do was laugh. This sucker will fit the incredible hulk. I can't wait for him to get it and try it on. He was in a lousy mood the other day so I called him to look for the hat in the mail and told him about how big it was. He needed the laugh I guess. The wind chill on campus is like 8 below. Shorts, Berkinstock sandal shoes and a wool hat. That's my son.

Well, I gotta help get ready to move the rig. Hopefully by the time we are ready and everything is stored away again, we can get it to start.

will update later I hope.