The Aluminum Asylum

The Aluminum Asylum
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Monday, June 02, 2008

Monday, Monday...
The Prince had to work two hours this morning. I was off, so what else, I slept in! I had taken an nap yesterday afternoon which turned into a marathon nap, so I was still awake at 11 p.m. I decided that since it was June 1 I would do a cleanup of the laptop. I did a registry cleanup, a CCleaner(crap cleaner for short, LOL!) and spybot. Well, when I got up this morning...nothing worked...I wasn't able to even see the park's wifi...nor would my AT&T card connect. Grrr. So I fiddled and I fiddled and finally got the aircard to work. I never could get the park finally recognized the access availability, but wouldn't connect...with four strong bars. Well, I continue to use the aircard, 'cause I continue to pay for the darn thing. I like the wifi as it is a bit faster. My mail loads quite slowly from the aircard sometimes...and I have five bars sometimes. That always puzzles me...hmmm.

All the workampers were invited to Lynn and Bill's for dinner (the campground owners). They have a beautiful house that they bought 6 months ago and have been so busy, they haven't had time to arrange furniture and put up drapes, etc. The house sits on a hill (what else is IN Branson?) and looks over Lake Taneycomo. It is really a lovely home...and her mom, our beloved office manager, Buckie (nickname for JOANN...don't ask me, I have no clue) lives in a great lower level. Buckie is known for her "Buckie Notes" which are little notes here and there in the office, telling us workampers what we did wrong, or how we should do this or that...we love 'em and laugh our tushies off. We compare the notes made especially for us. Buckie is 86 years young and swears if Lynn her daughter ever puts in a computerized reservation system, she quits!!!

Bakc to the house...Both levels have wonderful views from each and every window...I just can't imagine it in must be spectacular. We had a wonderful dinner of grilled brats, Buckie's famous potato casserole, fresh fruit and Kahlua cake with chocolate chip ice cream. The only thing I left on my plate was the strawberry leaf. Oh and part of the bun...why overfill on a bun when Kahlua cake is waiting?

We are both off tomorrow so we thought we'd go to brunch and then hit one of the great 10 am shows...Doug Gabriel performed at the American Red Cross fundraiser we went to last week...he was great, so we hope to get to see him.

Well, I am off to bed...finally got my prescriptions straightened out...I think. We shall see I guess.

hugs to everyone...