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Friday, January 12, 2007

Friday January 12, 2007

RV Show and more Dish headaches

We decided to go to the RV show in Mercedes today and then afterward ride up to Harlingen to pick up our new Dish components at UPS. Even though Paul had specifically and repeatedly told the halfwit at Dish to make sure they sent the stuff to LOT 15!!!!! they did not do so. Customer service at its finest. We arrive at the RV show at around 11. So has the rest of the snowbirds in the RGV for cripes sakes. It was so crowded, you had to wait in LINE to get into some rigs. Then there are the stupid people who keep piling into the RV without regard to how many people are already in the damm thing! I can't tell you how many elboews I got in the ass, the back and boy it was very hot in the units. I was done after seeing about six. The vender area was jammed as well, and Paulie and I made an impulse purchase of a really kewl chopper/shredder/salsa making thingy....It will make the cook's life easier and that is important to those who eat his cooking!

It was only about 1:15 when we decided to get outta the crowds and head to Harlingen to find the UPS place. We had received the postcard indicating that "brown" couldn't deliver our packages without the lot number. Jeez. We find the place and can you believe the pickup counter is only open from 3 to 7? What a crock. How does "brown" stay in biz with such limited hours. Hmmmmm.

We decide to find a place to have a bite to eat. We head towards the airport thinking there would be a ton of places. Yeah, right. We tour MMA and the Iwo Jima memorial which was neat, but again I didn't bring my camera. We finally find a DQ and grandpa wants a taco. A taco from DQ wouldn't be my choice, but I have already determined the old man does this stuff to be goofy. If he wanted a taco, we would have gone to one of the bazillion Mexican places. Grrrr, I sometimes wonder about his grip on any level of sanity.

After we eat, we head back to UPS. There is a line of people waiting for these yahoos to open. Paul gets the two boxes which should have been deliver LAST WEDNESDAY and we head home. By now I have a headache so I decide to lay down for a while. Paulie works on setting up the dish again. He wakes me up for dinner which is leftover meatloaf, roasted peppers and some veggies he found in the fridge. He is NOT in a good mood. After setting up the dish, getting a signal at long last (we have been farting around with this stupid thing since we got out on the road THANKSGIVING for heaven's sake). So, he calls Dish to activate the system. He is told that the card is OLD and cannot be used...we need a new card. Can you believe this. Then the dufus tells Paul he didn't need the other parts. network SUCKS. Now we have to wait another week to get the card can ya believe it? Paulie cannot talk about it he is so upset. I don't blame him. I think I am gonna write a letter to them and tell them that not one of the service reps we have talked to has given us any correct information. They must have an employee turnover problem...their reps are all idiots.

I am watching TV with Paul...grandpa passed out on the couch two hours ago. He and his dog are snoring so of these days I am gonna tape them. They snore in tandem...first Pepi then grandpa.

Well, I think we are going to the Mercedes flea market tomorrow. Always like to look at the junk yanno?