The Aluminum Asylum

The Aluminum Asylum
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Friday, March 28, 2008

Hmmm...last post was 1/20. I guess January 20th must have been quite traumatic...

I never posted on this blog after that. Geesh. Perhaps I had nothing to say? Unlikely. Was I bored....well, I was getting ready to go down to Ft. Myers with Jan, Kathy and Mother. Oh, can't forget Cecil...

As much as I would like to tell you about that fatefull two weeks, I shall not, as it would mean I would have to offend somebody. God forbid. I did parasail which was the highlight of the trip. I also fractured a vertebrae in my T10...not parasailing...lifting Mother's freakin' suitcase. Turns out I have osteoporosis. Great. What else could happen. I won't speculate but all of a sudden my teeth hurt. I will shut up now.

Not a whole lot happening here in Weslaco. Paul and I have posted a resume on We've had 20 hits from potential employers, and 5 offers. Three were in Iowa. Corn and Soybeans Iowa. Paul said NO. OK genius, where do you wanna work camp?

Branson. We are waiting to hear about a position there where we will work 26 hours(I will work about 6 in the office, on a chair, he will work the rest) and will get a full hookup site with 50 amp electric, water and free tickets to many many shows. RV park's get these freebies so they can tell their customers which are the best shows. Sounds good to me. The only complaint I have about the park is that it doesn't have a pool. Crap. Not that I am a sun bunny, but I do occasionally like to sit on a noodle in the water and cool off in the summer. The pool here has been icky and I won't go in...some idiot reversed the hoses and the guck went back into the pool. Shall we say germs, disease or lawsuit? Not me. I just won't put a TOE in the sucker.

Paul is off shuffling...he has become quite proficient lately and likes to flirt with all the women. Old fart.

I do have a serious case of hitch itch. I want OUT of Weslaco...I don't care where we go...I just want to be in a campground in our rig. I miss it. I am also needing space from certain elderly people here. No names to protect the innocent...or the guilty LOL!

I have some photos on the camera that I need to download. I will do that this afternoon. Look for some photos tomorrow.

Well, Barack is on the View and I gotta watch...