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The Aluminum Asylum
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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Well, the post below was never uploaded...d*mm cingular...
We are currently going thru Holland MI heading towards Clinton IL for the big day on Friday. I will have to wait until I can access wifi before I can upload any of the pix I promised.

We are leaving just as blueberries are coming in. Crap. I love blueberries and they are good for you too. Of course, I like them in pie and muffins and crisps so that is not part of the good part of blueberries. *Sigh*.

Zack is plopped on the couch reading while Paul is trying to watch Price is Right while driving. This satellite in motion sucks. The signal is always getting lost and the poor roof top thingy is spinning like a top...Oh my, I can't wait to ask him if the extra $ for the in motion was worth it...I know what MY answer is.

Well, not much going on as we trek down Hwy 31...we are hoping that the construction backups on 94 are gone...last month when we arrived here there must have been a 30 mile back up....going from three lanes to one is such a bunch of fun for all of us driving out here. least those who plan for road construction must have to take a college course on how best to piss off people. Similar to the arrogance course doctors are required to pass. Then there is the other requirement for doctors...."god" role playing...sorry, my sarcasam is just based on experience.

OK...well, I will post more later...



Picking up where I left off…

We drove around Grand Haven for awhile, showing Zack the sites…we checked out the used book store, and the Health Food store looking for my fav protein. No luck at either place. By this time its after three so we stopped at Beach Burrito…I told Zack that the insides of the burrito, the ground beef, beans and lettuce would be suitable for him to eat. Well, to say he was excited is an understatement. He is allowed a Lean Cuisine or a similar low cal/low carb dinner under 400 calories. He must have 70 to 120 grams of protein daily and less than 60 carbs. Therefore the expert (I, of course, who ELSE would it be….?) decided the guts of a burrito would about equal a 400 calorie frozen crappy dinner. Zack was one happy camper.

When we got back to Muskegon, the boys dropped me off at the rig and then they went disk golfing. I woke up about 7 for heaven’s sake and the car was still gone. Then I remember the park’s margarita party was being held down at the water. I decided that I would pass seeing I had slept so long due to incoming bad weather. They came home about 10:30….Mr. Ziaja Jr. was practically dragging Mr. Ziaja Sr. Two 44 ounce margaritas with whoever knows how much Mexican tequila dumped in had done him in. Claiming he was fine…he landed in the front passenger seat of the rig and promptly fell asleep. Zack and I watched a movie. We both went to bed after the movie and both of us gave it a good try to wake the sleeping giant. We finally left him in the chair. If he falls and breaks his neck during the night he has no one to blame but hisself.

Saturday morning we sleep really, really late….11 am! Suzie had stopped by earlier, opened the door and quickly shut it and lit out for the grocery store. She said all she heard was snoring sounds and the rig looked like a tornado had ripped through it. Later when we were finally up, Amy and Casey stopped by to see Zack. We really didn’t do much the rest of the day. Paulie made some kinda chili which Zack said tasted ok. I’ll pass. Hangover cooking dishes have bitten me in the butt before…’nough said.

Zack and I decided to go see the Harry Potter movie, but Paulie passed. He’s not a Harry fan so he didn’t want to spend the $ for something he’d probably sleep through. It was a good movie, kinda dark themed but the special effects once again are stunning.

After a nice sleep-in and reading the paper, we decided to take a ride to the Health Hut for some unflavored protein so we could make smoothies at Suzie’s tonight…we are going there for gazpacho and BBQ…the gazpacho is so everyone can eat what Zack can eat.

During our “drive” Paulie made some smart-ass comment which honked me off. So, rather than play into his hands, I just didn’t speak to either of the boys until we got home. They were off to the beach. I declined, knowing I would continue the argument unless I could get over my pique alone for a while. I watched the Cubbies for awhile then I fell asleep…what else?
The guys woke me up, I changed and did my hair and we were off to Suzie’s.
Uncle Lar’s parents Tom and Mary were over and we had a great time. We talked and laughed and told stories til ten. Since Uncle Lar had a busy week, we said our goodnights and headed home. Watched a bit of TV and then hit the sack.


Although neither of the boys was very enthusiastic, I prevailed and we went to the Gerald Ford Presidential Museum in Grand Rapids. We all truly enjoyed it. There was a special exhibit about Terrorism in America. I don’t want to sound like a radical here, but our own history is riddled with acts of terrorism…surely nothing to be proud about. Very informative exhibit. The museum is quite different from others I‘ve seen…perhaps it is because he has such a short time in office, although he had a long career in Congress. I must say, it rankled me to see some of the stuff on Nixon, but again, it was such a long time ago…I admire Ford because he took us forward after a terrible national disgrace. It was interesting to read Ford’s handwritten notes during meetings, seeing the actual tools the men used to break into the Watergate room and all of the tapes and stuff. Perhaps not as impressive as say the Kennedy Museum, but surely worth the visit. One always learns something at places such as this.

We stayed in downtown Grand Rapids and had a early dinner/late lunch at XO Chinese Restaurant. We lucked out and got in on the lunch specials which were reasonably priced and delicious! Zack had egg drop soup and a few bits of Paulie’s chicken.

The weather was nasty rainy so we didn’t go to Meijer’s Gardens but I was feeling the effects of the rains so the boys took me home. They went to play miniature golf while I rested. When they got home, we watched a bit of TV and then both Zack and I got absorbed in our current reading selections while Paulie made some phone calls.

Tuesday…well, here we are, up to date. Paulie and I did a ton of laundry this morning…not only did we have a ton of stuff like beach towels, sheets and rugs, but we had Zack’s clothes in addition to ours. Whew. Took us two hours!

Paulie and Zack are packing up the stuff outside. We will be pulling out of here heading for Clinton early tomorrow morning. Before we leave, Paulie and I will do a fast clean up job on the rig. Just putting stuff away today, will do the vacuuming and floor cleaning tomorrow.

This evening is kinda a toss up. I’d like to just stick around and get stuff together, but who knows what the “ants in the pants” boys will be up to.

I will post some pictures of the Museum at White Pines Village and the Ford Museum in another post when I can get to wifi access. Can’t do it on the aircard…too slow.