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The Aluminum Asylum
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Friday, May 30, 2008

Dixie repercussions...

The Prince got sick about an hour after we got home. He said it seemed as if he had something "stuck" so I guess his surgery is still working fine. We had those itty bitty chickens, that were roasted to perfection...juciy, moist and tender. The pork tenderloin slice was dry, so I only had a taste. I think since he ate most of his (he loves roast pork), this was the culprit. He couldn't sleep, but yet couldn't get the offender up out of his little tummy. He sat and watched TV all night...til about 4 a.m. I heard him in the bathroom...poor guy! It is truly hard to listen to somebody you love having such a terrible vomiting episode. I guess I can now understand how hard it is on the Prince and Prince Zack when I have those horrible vertigo attacks accompanied by days of vomiting and being flat on my back from the Meniere's.

From this point, the Prince's day just got worse. He tried to sleep but was unable to. He had to go work a short two hour shift this morning and he was really not doing well. I tried to tell him to call Al or Dave to step in for was only two hours for goodness sakes. Prince would do that for either of them without hesitation, and I am sure they would do the same for him. Nope. The Prince pooh-poohed the idea and looked at me as if I had grown bunny ears. OK, be a martyr, why should I worry?

About an hour later, I see him trudging up the hill. I see the golf is up against a tree. Oopsie. I guess he had a little problem going up the is tricky in the old clunker of a golf cart we have here, you have to ease the brake while giving it the accelerator cause the hills here are quite steep. Well, the rest is um, history. Damages were relatively minor, a twisted tire rim and flat. However the real damage was someone's ego being bruised. At noon, after the owner came by to take the tire into Springfield to get fixed, Prince returned to the rig, walked into the bedroom, closed the door and went to bed. Poor guy.

I spend my day writing out article outlines; doing a bit of research for article content, and more importantly, competetive research of other RV cooking sites. The good news is that there are only "pages" on other RV sites that deal with cooking. However, some savy old babe has bought up a lot of .com's that deal with RV cooking, RV kitchens, etc, but they all lead back to her site which is basically a recipe site for any type of cooking. Tons of advertising and little content for us. Nothing RV specific, but she owns the darn sites. Bummer! The only competetion is a site called The RV Cooking show and she does do rv cooking but via you tube type videos. They don't load well on typical RV computer setups like mine...via aircard or cell phone connectivity. Thus, it is difficult to watch as it keeps stopping and reloading the video. Quite irritating. I wonder if the gal thought of this while developing her site. Wifi is spotty at best for most fulltimes and part-timers, and most RV'ers don't have the ability to stream video into their rigs and then save to a laptop and run it back to get the recipe. So, I think my idea for the photo step by step is a valid one, and then have a recipe actually printed so the RV'er can just cut and paste the recipe into their files, accessible or printable at anytime, anywhere.

Well, that's pretty much in a nutshell what we were up to today. Somedays are better than others whether you live in a stix and brix house or one on wheels...