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The Aluminum Asylum
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Sunday, December 23, 2007


After watching a very satisfying Bear's game on TV (lucky we got it here...this is Cowboys country....I can root for them now since the Bears are out of chances...)
I decided to move the Christmas Village from under the tree so Zack and I can set it up on a table in the Texas room. The little fat fart Pepi and that damm cat keep trying to sleep under the tree, I guess because of the warmth of the lights. Anyways to my sheer disgust I found Snickers poop in there. She must have liked the snow blanket that I have used for years...which is now safely in the trash...all houses and stuff wiped off with disinfectant wipes. Grrrrr, I swear, if she wasn't so old and it being Christmas and all, I would have thrown her out the freakin' door to fend for herself in an unknown territory. UGH. Ick, Ick, Ick...

I am having a wonderful Sunday afternoon all by myself, setting up really for the open house we are having on Christmas night. I sent the three fools off the Mexico...they'll all come back tipsy on those two-fer margaritas. Of course, BOTH grandpa and Paulie claim this shindig has NOT been discussed. Screw'em both for being stupid. I have been making lists, buying stuff, decorating and making stuff for WEEKS. Where the hell have THEY been? I can understand grandpa, he won't wear his hearing aides so he may NOT have heard some of my discussions with him or he's getting senile, but PAUL!?! Foolish goofman. Grandpa made out the guest list for cripes sakes...HE was the one who invited 45 people...I don't KNOW 45 people here....I have been talking menu for days and I get this struck dumb look. OK, dumb and dumber...I wrote it all down and made them READ the menu, where the setup and tables will be, what the drinks, I am NOT happy.

We did pick up Zack on Friday and then had a nice dinner at Chili's. He looks very good, but then the hair thing is a bit unusual for him. He looks like a bearded Josh Groban...but really cute. I'm his mother so I can say that he looks cute!

Yesterday we took him to South Padre Island. Ate at Dirty Al's then took the "tour". The place was deserted, I am not kidding. You would think it would be jammed for Christmas....nope. We also stopped at the micro-brewery and had the sampler. Last night Zack and Paul played Texas hold'em and grandpa went to dinner and the Elks. I watched a tv movie, had two beers and was in bed by 8:30 for heaven's sake.

Well, I am off to make fudge for the party...and later will do my stollen. I still need some little things from the store, but I won't trust the three of them to pick it up for me on the way home...

I was gonna write a nice piece about Christmas but I am a bit on the frustrated side with the "menfolk" and losing what little patience I have left. Mom and Cecil arrive at one tomorrow afternoon...great, the airport is right across from the mall.....can't wait to make that trip.

Merry Christmas from the land of bedlam.