The Aluminum Asylum

The Aluminum Asylum
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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Good grief, its THURSDAY already!

My gosh, this retirement stuff is really exhausting! My butt is dragging. Running here there and nowhere, meetings, style shows, craft shows and classes, karaoke, a dip in the pool and then the hot tub...naps followed by happy hour, touring the park after dinner and being invited to have a "cocktail". I don't think I can keep this up much longer. Last night we had a three golf cart race but people started yelling so we just went to one of the occupants place and had after dinner drinks. Apple Pie Liqueur. Never heard of the stuff. Was like drinking a piece of apple pie for heavens sakes. Two and I was unable to get off the chair. It is made with 100% everclear I later find out. Jeez, that stuff'll kill your liver not to mention twice as many brains cells as a regular old Miller Lite! I've made Lemoncello now I can make Apple pie. Making my own hooch. Oh my gosh, how far I have fallen! Just kidding. I have one drink and because of the surgery, I am a cheap drunk. Like I wrote above, 2 drinks and I will fall out of the chair!

The Prince and I rearranged the furniture in our bedroom moving the bed to the opposite wall which gives us (sepecially me) more room to walk around the bed. The other night I got up to go to the bathroom and I lost my balance (so what else is new, its a given in the dark) and I fell backwards...well instead of the wall hitting my ass, it hit the window screen and I almost fell outta the house! I would have landed on the cement. No, that wouldn't do. So now we turned the bed and my side is by the door just a few feet from the bathroom. But the Prince does have more room to get around since the bed is on a longer wall. Such excitement. How will I ever go back to Rochester and our old life? Speaking of our old life.....

Grandpa is getting anxious for us to leave. That is really a problem....for HIM! Why should I go back home to ice and snow when its in the 80's and beautiful breezes make it seem like its 73 with the sun shining. Foolish man. We had planned to go to Perry GA for the FMCA rally on the 17th. Bah, its the same old same old at those conventions. I surely don't need to tour million dollar coaches and covet something I cannot have. I am perfectly satisfied with my Damon and with the changes we have made, it is perfect for us. We still need to decide what to do about a dinette but heck, the rig is perfectly fine for the Polish prince and myself. We have decided tho to leave that wicked cat Snickers here with grandpa. This way I won't have to worry about keeping a sheet on the couch to keep the hair off and then snatch it away when we show the house. Plus, it will help keep the floors a bit cleaner with no hair. Thank god that little fugly Pepi is staying here. He barks at EVERYTHING!
These old geezers don't like yappers. Perhaps they will vote Pepi off the island...well, one can hope anyways.

We have karoke this afternoon at Llano Grande Golf Club. They have great cheap food and beer is only five bucks a pitcher. Good for me, Paul and grandpa to have two beers which is our limit.

Will write more later.