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The Aluminum Asylum
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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I am up early, The Prince wants to see the Doug Gabriel show which is at 10 am. I am not trilled with the idea, however the guy does have a good voice, and since the Prince has gone to my suggestions, I guess I can reciprocate, at least once.

We worked on Monday, it was a dreadful day and rained continually. I was worthless as new storms were moving in to the area, and the barometer was playing games all afternoon. I pretty much went to bed until dinnertime. Prince made a pizza, a plain frozen four cheese dealy and then added fresh tomatoes, onions, Italian sausage and I think green onions on his part. I don't care for the peppers cause they don't cook through when it is put on the top of a pizza.

The little snafu here at the park seems to have worked out. I won't go into detail but there were some differing of opinions about certain upkeep procedures and with all the rain, the work really hasn't been done as the owner wants, but has been done as the workampers have been trained and with the terrible weather, have been able to accomplish. Like Gilda Radner use to say..."Its always something."

On Tuesday, Paul and I slept in, him mostly, then around noon we ventured out to get a rare lunch out and see if the new super WalMart had opened. We ate at a popluar place here called Shorty Smalls. Unique decor of various eras and themes cluttered the beams above and it was hopping for lunch. We ordered a pulled pork bbq sandwich and a bbq brisket sandwich that we would share. Neither of us could eat the other half so now we had dinner in a box to warm up for the evening. We went to the new WalMart, but the grand opening is set for today the 11th. We headed back to the other Wally world, but the Prince let me stop at the Grand Palace shops where there were two huge Christmas stores. I wandered around there for a while, oggling all the fabulous decorations. It was actually overwhelming after awhile seeing all these trees and twinkling lights and bling flashing all over. Made me dizzy if you can believe that...! I visited a few other shops before I ran outta gas and my neck, shoulder and back pain from fibro became unbearable. We finished the afternoon over at Wallyworld and rambled back to the rig. I took not one but two pain pills and immediately went to sleep. Paulie woke me up about 6 and said the "happy hour" was underway. I had a gin and squirt, mostly squirt and we spend the next three hours talking and shooting the breeze with our work-mates.

We finally said our goodbyes, and went to the rig to make some "dinner". We warmed up the leftover sandwiches and had a few chips to round out our those 2 for 1 kinda days! We watched the end of the Cubbies game, and they beat the Braves 10 to 5 if I remember right.

I was too tired to blog, so I apologize for not being around for a couple of days. Sometimes I just am too tired to write, other times I have so much to say I go on and on. Never a happy middle I guess.

Well, it's now 9 am and the Prince is still sawing logs, so I better wake him up, and make some breakfast. Can't go to a morning show on an empty stomach and popcorn is unappealing this early!