The Aluminum Asylum

The Aluminum Asylum
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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Well, holy crap...I haven't written a word since June 28 and here it is Independence Day!

We've been keeping busy, laying on the beach, sleeping in, going to the movies and sampling local dining fare. I know, I know...such a boring life. Yeah. Deal with it, I know!

On Friday we took in the largest craft show in the world, I think, at the Muskegon Celebration. We also went to the art fair. I bought two tie-dyed dresses. I wasn't sure what size to there is this skinny little babe looking at the dresses too, and she already had a dress on...I asked her how they held up, fit, washed etc...and she said she normally just washes in cold water...they were comfortable, but ran small. Oh what the h*ll size do I buy? Some larges are too big, some Xlarges too small. I held up all the sizes to see which one went around my butt. I went with the 2X(oh my gosh...I can barely type that number anymore....) The gal I was talking to said she wears like an 8 and takes a large. OK, so I am a 14...let see...get the 2x and be safe...or give in to my ego and just buy the xlarge(I am no ten either). The woman was right...they run really small. I guess I am equal to a 2xl chinawoman.

That aside, I also found a perfect birthday present for Suzie. A really neat birdhouse that had a copper like roof, an antique door handle plate for the house opening and the perch for the bird was a small crystal door knob. Really neat looking. She really liked it, at least she said she did. I told her if she didn't like it I would take it off her hands asap. No where to put the thing, but I'd carry it on my bed in the motorhome irregardless.

On Saturday, we went to the farmers market and then later in the day we just goofed around and then sat around the campfire visiting with our neighbors. Sunday was going to be a day at the beach. We had a nice leisurely breakfast, read the paper and packed our lunch and cooler. Paul pumped up one of the small blowup boats we've been carrying around forever. I had shamed him into buying me a beach umbrella...(I usually just cover up with towels when I get too much sun, but jeesh, that is hot on a warm day...) and we had purchased two cheapy chairs we could leave down at the water so we wouldn't have to lug ours down and up each time. By the time we got down to the beach it was 1 pm. The beach was empty....why? IT WAS 60 DEGREES on the water and the wind was blowing from the north like a gale...

I was so cold, I wrapped all three beach towels around myself. It was so cold, I couldn't even hold a drink! We actually stayed til 2:15. July 1 and it was too cold to sit on the beach. We went back to the rig, changed clothes are went to the movies. We saw "Knocked Up" and it was hysterically funny. We both laughed out loud. Nothing much else was going on, so when we got back to the Asylum, we just built a fire and sat outside till about 11.

Monday was another quiet day. We didn't do much, I was a bit under the weather....coming down with a cold. Perhaps it was the freezing cold sitting on the beach in 60 degree sunshine. Paul went to Meijers and got me a bunch of cold remedies including Zycam...the q-tips you stick up your nose? They work. Honest.
The call from Bonnie our bank rep at the closing came while Paul was out, and everything closed without a hitch. No more property taxes, grass cutting and all the other joys of homeownership. Of course, there also went any equity for the future. Actually we didn't have any after using most of it for college expenses, redoing the house, etc. etc. But, it is over and done with...we are homeless vagrants living in a trailer...yanno...trailer trash!

Tuesday Zack informs us that we have to re-do our credit info for SIUE...again. We head over to the Elks Lodge so we can use their wifi...I still hate this air card. Maybe with IPOD phones they will ratchet up the service from AT&T....well, one can HOPE right?

Well, not much going on this evening...fireworks are everywhere but we decided not to go anywhere. Paulie is tired and I need to hit the sack early...we have laundry to do tomorrow.


Well, I am finally caught up. Today was the Elks pancake breakfast and Paulie worked from 7 to 12:30. He said that after some people worked their shift they just left...there was only like three guys to clean up the place. And he was one of 'em. Figures. It is still cool out today. 65 at the is kinda damp as it rained fairly hard last night. After Paul got back we decided to go to the show...not much happening around here with the icky weather. After we left the campground and headed was sunny and 75 degrees! We went to see the new Robin Williams movie, "License to Wed".